Thursday, September 8, 2016

Episode 54 - 9/8/66

Roger Collins arrives at his office and answers the ringing phone. It's Burke Devlin, and he wants to know if Roger has heard from Bill Malloy. Roger says he has not, and hangs up on him. The phone rings again, but Roger leaves without answering.

Back in Collinwood, Liz hangs up the phone. She tells Matthew she wanted to talk to Roger before the police arrived. Matthew confirms that Bill looked like he had drowned. Liz says Matthew should have dragged the body out and called the police. He asks her what she'd like him to tell the police, and she says, "the truth." She said the police won't be the only ones with questions. Burke Devlin will as well.''

Burke barges into Roger's office. He has questions for Roger, and Roger asks him why he doesn't ask Sam Evans. When he says he did, Roger is surprised.

The Sheriff arrives and asks Matthew where Bill Malloy is. Matthew explains he's dead—drowned. The Sheriff asks where the body is, and Liz says they don't know.

Burke says he thinks Bill had Sam at the meeting to corroborate the evidence against him. He says that Roger must have something on Sam that prevents him from talking.

Matthew explains why he pushed the body back into the water. The Sheriff says a good detective would think that Matthew pushed the body out to sea to hide something.

Burke says Roger set him up on the manslaughter charge. He says Sam has something on Roger, and Bill Malloy knows what that is. He tells Roger of the proposition Bill made. Roger, on a silver platter, for leaving the rest of the family alone.

The Sheriff asks more questions of Matthew. He asks him to go with his deputy to show him exactly where the body was found. He then asks Liz if she knows anyone who would profit from Bill Malloy dead.

Burke says Roger and Sam are the only ones who would profit from Bill's disappearance. He tells Roger if he had anything to do with it, he'd better hope the police finds out before he does. The phone rings. It's Liz telling Roger to come home immediately. He leaves, and Burke throws one last dart at the dartboard—a bullseye.

Liz tells the Sheriff Roger will be able to tell him more when he arrives. When Roger enters, Liz tells him the police want to question him. He turns to see the Sheriff standing in the drawing room.

Our thoughts

John: It's Roger's turn to dodge the darts this time. Of course Burke gets his best throw in only after Roger has left.

Christine: It's pretty easy to hit the bullseye when it's set up before you take the throw.

Note dart in bullseye placed before Roger's departure and Burke's throw.

John: Dana Elcar is the new Sheriff in Collinsport! The popular character actor appeared in dozens of show in bit parts, and played recurring roles in such shows as Black Sheep Squadron and MacGyver. We haven't seen the last of him on Dark Shadows...

Christine: I can't believe the sheriff says he can't think of a proper charge to arrest Matthew. He tells Liz that if he doesn't find the body, he'll have to figure out if Matthew didn't do something a little worse than delay the recovery of the deceased. Sheriff Patterson is a mighty suspicious guy. It will be fun to watch Roger squirm when the sheriff gives him the third degree.

John: While it would seem like the walls are closing in on Roger Collins, I think it's a pretty safe bet that he will find a way to weasel his way out of it.

Who would profit most from Bill Malloy's death?

Does Matthew have something to hide?

Who let this numbskull wander around on set when credits are rolling?

Wait! Is that Dan Curtis?

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