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Episode 62 - 9/20/66

In Burke's room, he asks Sam why he ran. Sam asks for a drink and Burke refuses. Sam pontificates without actually saying anything. He then says he ran because he didn't want to argue with Burke in front of Maggie. Sam says he wants to settle things and Burke agrees to give him a drink.

Vicki returns to Collinwood and Roger stops her in the foyer. She explains it's been a trying evening and Roger wants to discuss it. He escorts her into the drawing room. She says she doesn't want to talk about the evening. Roger continues to pry. Vicki asks if he's trying to figure out if they talked about Burke's manslaughter trial. She asks if Roger discouraged her from going to the dinner for fear she might find something out. He asks who provided the details. And what facts came out in court. She shares the story Sam told. Roger spins a yarn about trying to convince Burke to stop after they hit the man, and it ruined their friendship. Vicki then says that Burke was at the house, too, and he has a different version of the accident.

Burke revisits the story with Sam, who now says that's not what he came to talk about. Burke tells Sam that after he ran out, he told Maggie and Vicki that Sam could have cleared him. Sam's distraught. Burke then asks Sam if he killed Bill Malloy. Sam says he didn't, and that's why he came to see Burke. Burke says if Bill made it to the meeting, Sam would be in jail right now for withholding evidence. Bill accuses Sam of calling Bill that night to try and talk him out of going to the meeting, and when Bill refused, Sam killed him. Sam says he would have taken his own life before killing Bill.

Roger assumes Vicki believes Burke's story that he was responsible for the death 10 years ago. She says Burke asked if Bill met with Roger the night of the meeting. She explains that she did tell them about his argument with Bill. Vicki mentions that Roger was on the phone at 10:30 that night. He seems concerned about that. And then Vicki points out that Roger left shortly after that, around 10:35. Roger explains that he left at 10 to 11. And then he says it's not important, aside from his personal fetish for accurateness.

Roger interrupts a phone call Vicki is making, accusing her of calling Burke. She was talking to Maggie. Roger apologizes for his behavior. Roger offers to place Vicki at a governess position in a nice house in Florida. She declines, and he offers money. She says no, and he calls her a fool. He leaves the house as she goes upstairs.

Burke says he believes Sam about Bill Malloy, but there's more to it than that. He sends Sam away saying that if he didn't kill Bill Malloy, there's only one other person who could have.

Our thoughts

John: So now we know that Vicki can confirm a time frame that would show Roger had time to commit Bill's murder. Will that info ever make it to the Sheriff?

Christine: Vicki's recollection is slightly different from what actually happened in Episode 46, as the great clock in the entrance hall says 10:15 when she walks in on Roger making a call. When Roger grabs his coat to leave, the camera zooms in on the great clock at 10:25. Either way he had ample time to send Malloy off the cliff.

John: Sam is a bumbling old fool. I don't know how he hasn't managed to blab what he knows to anyone else yet. Especially since the only thing it seems to take is a little alcohol.

Christine: Since Burke believes Sam didn't kill Bill, I hope this means we can expect an intense confrontation between Burke and Roger tomorrow, though it's more likely the fireworks won't happen until Friday.

John: Roger continues his abuse of Vicki, and then tries to bribe her to get her out of Collinwood for his sake. As long as she stays, he's at risk. He should realize that each time he interrogates her, she's that much more likely to do him harm with the information she has.

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