Monday, September 26, 2016

Episode 66 - 9/26/66

Roger joins Burke, Vicki and Liz in the drawing room. He heads over to fix himself a drink. Roger says he'll talk to Burke—alone. Liz doesn't want to leave, but agrees when Roger says he'll talk to Burke alone or not at all.

Liz asks Vicki if Burke seemed to be in control of himself. She was worried about he and Roger being left alone together.

Roger threatens to sue Burke for slander. Burke invites Roger to sue him. Roger doesn't want to dredge up the past again. Burke asks Roger if he killed Bill Malloy. He says he can always deny it later. Roger says he has no reason to want Bill dead. Burke says Sam must have been able to prove that he was innocent, and that Roger was driving the car, and should have served the prison term. Roger denies it all, and says Sam would also be a suspect. Burke tells him he knows Sam didn't do it, and stops Roger from leaving the room.

Liz interrupts Vicki writing a letter. Vicki explains that she's writing a letter to herself. She talks about how she used to mail letters to herself at the foundling home. She describes it like a diary. She says not very much ever happened to her before she came to Collinwood.

Burke asks Roger to spell out his timetable the night of Bill's death. Burke asks about the forty minutes between his meeting with Bill and when he says he left for the meeting. Roger says that Vicki saw him at 10:45, proving he wasn't able to kill Burke. Burke asks to hear Vicki confirm that. Roger suggests that he wouldn't make it up if she were able to corroborate it. Burke demands that he get Vicki.

Liz and Vicki discuss loneliness. Roger comes in and asks Vicki to help him. He asks her to confirm that he didn't leave the house in time to kill Bill Malloy. Roger sends Liz downstairs so he can talk to Vicki. He asks Vicki to tell Burke he left at ten to 11, even though she can't confirm that.

Liz asks what Burke is after. He says he wants justice. Burke says he thinks Roger killed Bill, and that he sent Matthew to the Blue Whale to kill him. All to protect the Collins name. Roger and Vicki come downstairs. Vicki says she saw and talked to Mr. Collins at 10:30, and she has every reason to believe he left when he said he did. Before leaving, Burke says he'll be back in Collinwood, possibly to stay.

Our thoughts

John: Is it weirder for Vicki to write letters to herself, or for Liz to have not left Collinwood in the last 18 years?

Christine: It was the only way little Vicki Winters ever got any mail at the foundling home. As Liz says, "How sad." We still don't know why Elizabeth has not left Collinwood for 18 years, so we can't properly assess which is the more aberrant behavior.

John: Vicki doesn't exactly corroborate Roger's timeline, but she throws in that she believes Roger, which says a lot considering how tumultuous their relationship has been.

Christine: Exactly. She wouldn't say it if she didn't truly believe it. But then who did kill Bill Malloy? Will we find out before 1967?

John: Burke's parting words indicate he's going to forge ahead with his plan to bring down the Collins family once and for all.

Christine: Or at least move in and hang his portrait in place of the founder of Collinsport. Perhaps he only meant that he wanted to come back to stay for another lovely tea time with the Collins clan.

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