Friday, September 9, 2016

Episode 55 - 9/9/66

The Sheriff tells Roger they haven't found Bill Malloy yet, but they now know where to look for him. Liz explains that Carolyn and Vicki did see Bill's dead body the night before, and Matthew hid it.

Sam stops in the restaurant to see Maggie. He explains that Burke cancelled his sitting. Sam asks if Maggie has heard anything about Bill Malloy. He then asks if Burke or Roger has been in. She says no, and he says he'd better call Roger. He says he needs to call to tell him he hasn't heard from Burke, and Maggie reminds him he just said Burke cancelled his sitting.

Roger asks why Liz didn't call him immediately, and she says she did. Roger asks if it matters if the body is found, and the Sheriff explains that yes, they would need to do an autopsy.

Sam asks Maggie about the letter he gave her. She told him it's in the hotel safe. She asks if the person know she has the letter. He says no, and asks her to go get it and give it back. She says she won't unless he tells her why.

The Sheriff questions Roger. Liz explains Roger and Bill met at Collinwood. Liz explained that his housekeeper saw him at 10:30pm, and he got a phone call. The meeting Bill scheduled for 11pm came up, and Roger said that Bill called the meeting, and Burke and Sam were also present and could corroborate he was there. The Sheriff suggests Bill could have committed suicide, and Roger likes the sound of that idea.

Maggie asks Sam if the letter has anything to do with Bill Malloy. Sam tells her to quit questioning him about it.

The Sheriff asks if Bill was a secret drinker, as he had been seen at the Blue Whale before he disappeared. He says that he has more people to talk to, including Burke Devlin and Sam Evans, and leaves. Once he's gone, Liz asks Roger how much of what he told the Sheriff was the truth.

Roger takes a drink. Liz says he told her the meeting was just between he and Bill, with no mention of Sam or Burke. She tells Roger that Bill said he was going to prove Burke's innocence, and that Bill wouldn't lie to her. Roger exclaims that they're all lies.

The Sheriff arrives at the restaurant. He mentions he heard Sam was doing a portrait of Burke. A call comes in for the Sheriff. While he takes it, Sam decides to sneak out, but before he can, the Sheriff says he has to leave, as the Coast Guard just found Bill Malloy's body.

Our thoughts

John: I had to laugh when Roger said that he never thought of Bill committing suicide, and then going on to say how much he liked that idea. You'd think the Sheriff might have clued in on that.

Christine: This isn't Sheriff Carter, who was sharp as a tack. This is the guy who couldn't think of a charge to arrest Matthew, who tampered with evidence. I believe Sam Evans is the first character to smoke on Dark Shadows. Maybe he just makes it more noticeable. Sam keeps referring to Bill in the past tense. I guess we should shift suspicion back to him, especially since he's smoking up a storm. Taking on new vices surely must mean he's guilty.

John: Way for Liz to put Roger's feet to the fire, though I assume she'll be letting him off the hook too easily.

Christine: She says she has to believe him, and it doesn't seem like she wants to.

John: So start placing your bets on how long it will take to get autopsy results on Bill Malloy. One week? Two? More? Maybe we'll see his ghost at Collinwood. That would definitely be a welcome surprise.

Christine: Yes. Yes it would...

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