Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Episode 67 - 9/27/66

Carolyn stops in the restaurant looking for Burke. Maggie is glad she hasn't seen him. Carolyn is still trying to understand why Burke would have said the things that he did. Maggie talks about how everything changed ten years ago. While they talk about him, Burke walks in.

In the Sheriff's office, Sam Evans goes over his statement again. Mrs. Johnson, Bill's housekeeper comes in and demands to know who killed him.

Carolyn watches Burke eat breakfast. She asks about his visit at Collinwood last night. He says he learned that Carolyn is perhaps the only honest person in Collinwood. Burke implies that Vicki lied like the rest of them. He then leaves to make some phone calls.

The Sheriff reviews the autopsy report with Mrs. Johnson. He asks her about the call Bill received, and she says Bill was shouting, so it was someone he didn't like. The Sheriff asked if he might have been so upset that he killed himself. She says no, and that the last thing he said before she left was that he wanted breakfast early, as he had a lot of things to do. He asks who might want to kill Bill, and she suggests he go to Collinwood and ask them.

Maggie is startled by Sam. She says that she talked to Mr. Wells in the hotel, and he told her that Sam had tried to get the letter from him. Sam asks if she remembers when he left the house the night Bill died. Maggie asks why he needs an alibi. She says if the Sheriff wants to know he can ask her. The Sheriff enters in time to ask her just that. She mocks him by saying her dad left exactly at 10:45.

Carolyn goes to Burke's room. She confronts him about what he's been saying about Roger.

The Sheriff asks Maggie if she'd confirm the time Sam left on the witness stand. Sam discourages her from perjuring herself, but she stands by the story. After the Sheriff leaves, she asks if reading the letter would help. He says it's his last will and testament, leaving her all his worldly possessions. She doesn't believe him.

Burke tells Carolyn what he believes happened 10 years ago. She can't believe it. Burke says he doesn't know exactly what happened between Roger and Bill - perhaps his death was an accident - but he does believe Roger was involved.

Our thoughts

John: Interesting to note that this particular episode was recorded just two days before it aired.

Christine: I wonder what that's all about. This show was taped on a Sunday.

John: Hello Mrs. Johnson! Where have you been hiding these past few weeks? I'm probably wrong about this, but my memory of watching later episodes was that Mrs. Johnson worked for the Collins family. That would certainly be an interesting twist; though I imagine she could use the work.

Christine: Your memory serves you correctly. It's interesting to see how her character originated in these beginning episodes.

John: Looks like Carolyn will be next in line to grill Roger on Burke's story. I think we can all guess how well that's going to go.

Carolyn: We were just talking about you.  
Burke: You couldn't have chosen a more fascinating subject. 

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  1. It was funny to see sheriff Patterson going to get a cup of water for mrs. Johnson and there were no paper cups to be found. The prop man goofed.