Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Episode 53 - 9/7/66

While David and Vicki have breakfast, he asked if anything special happened last night. He said he heard her screaming, and that he saw something chasing her and Carolyn from Widow's Hill. He asked if the girls were screaming because they saw the ghosts. She suggests that he look in his crystal ball. He says he did, and someone in Collinsport is going to try and kill her. David says he doesn't like Vicki because she came to take his mother's place. Liz comes downstairs and David asks her what all the fuss was about last night. She tells him not to worry, and leaves to go talk with Matthew.

Joe arrives and David lets him in. Joe asks him if he's seen anything else in his crystal ball. Joe tells him he's only seeing what Devlin tells him to see. Vicki comes out and sends David up to work on his lessons. She and Joe go into the drawing room, and David sneaks down to eavesdrop on them. Joe mentions that Roger wasn't at the office, and Vicki says he left the house early that morning.

Liz arrives and finds David listening at the door. He heard Vicki and Joe talking about the body seen last night. She sends him upstairs and goes to talk to Joe. They discuss Bill Malloy, and since there's still been no word of him, Liz calls the Sheriff.

David ignores his lessons and asks about the dead body they saw last night.

Joe returns with Carolyn's watch and gives it to Liz. He found it near the house.

Liz calls the office looking for Roger. Liz tells the person she spoke to that if anyone asks about Bill Malloy, they should tell them he's out of town.

David continues to interject questions about the dead man in his lessons. He says it was probably Mr. Malloy.

Matthew comes to see Liz. He says Roger asked him to walk along the rocks with him early in the morning.

David says his father killed Bill Malloy. He says he saw him push Bill into the water in his crystal ball.

Liz says Matthew had never lied to her before, but calls out what he said the night before. That he saw nothing on his return from checking the rocks at Widow's Hill. She asked what he saw on his way out. He said he found a drowned man. It was Bill Malloy, and he pushed him back into the water. He thought it was for the best. Liz calls the Sheriff and tells him he can stop his search for Bill Malloy.

Our thoughts

John: Ha! I knew it. Matthew did try to get rid of the body. But did he tell Roger? And where is he?

Christine: Matthew will be in big trouble for that, right? Wonder what the sheriff will do about it. David makes some interesting comments to Vicki, aside from letting her know he won't attend her funeral when she's dead. When he says he can't help think about the widows because they are all around him, she says it's in his imagination, to which he responds that his mother had the same kind of imagination and that she told him what it would be like at Collinwood. He also tells her that someone stole the picture he had of his mom, and while he thinks his father did it, we last saw it when he was showing it to Burke. Could Burke have lifted it so he could have a photo of his old flame?

John: Does Vicki even pay attention to what David says during his lessons? She asks questions, and he gives random answers that she doesn't call him on. She only hears him when he talks about the dead man.

Christine: I think he was getting most of the questions about rivers correct, but maybe I wasn't paying attention either. When she says you can move almost anything through water, he correctly states, "even a dead man." He seems to be advancing quickly in his studies.

John: Liz had better call the office and let them know that Bill isn't out of town...

Christine: Isn't he though, in a manner of speaking? At least we didn't have to wait too long to have it confirmed that the corpse was Bill Malloy's. Now we only have to wait for his body to be found.

What is Liz so chipper about this morning?

David: "That's what I told you. They were going out to meet death!" Liz: "You've been seeing entirely too much of that sort of thing lately. What you should be seeing is your schoolbooks right now!"


  1. This could be a very big spoiler (and I don't mean it to be), but is calling David's mother Burke's "old flame" any kind of wordplay?

  2. *wink, wink*
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    say no more