Thursday, September 22, 2016

Episode 64 - 9/22/66

Carolyn asks her mother why Maggie Evans visited Collinwood. Liz says she was concerned about her father. Carolyn asks her if she really believes that Burke killed Bill Malloy. Liz says Bill's death was an accident. Carolyn asks how claiming Burke was a murderer would help Maggie. Liz is flustered by Carolyn's continued questions about Burke. Carolyn asks her mother if she said any of this to Matthew. She mentions that she saw him at the Blue Whale looking for Burke. She passes on Matthew's message that everything was going to be all right.

Burke arrives at the Blue Whale and sees Matthew. He asks if Matthew has seen Roger. Matthew asks him to join him, and grabs his arm when he refuses. Matthew says it's about Bill Malloy and Burke sits down.

Liz calls the Blue Whale looking for Matthew, and is told he's not there. Liz realizes that Matthew may intend to harm Burke on her behalf. The phone rings and it's the Sheriff. He's calling to see if they've seen Burke up at Collinwood. Liz tells the Sheriff she needs to tell him about her caretaker, Matthew.

Matthew warns Burke to leave the Collins family alone. He says he's trying to protect Liz, and the only time he's lied is when he told the waiter to tell Liz he wasn't at the Blue Whale a few minutes earlier. Matthew tells Burke he wants him to get out of town tonight. Matthew attacks Burke and the Sheriff arrives just in time to break it up. He escorts both men back to his office.

In the Sheriff's office, Matthew admits he tried to drive Burke out of town. The Sheriff sends Matthew outside to wait while he talks to Burke. The Sheriff asks Burke where he's been tonight. He warns Burke not to be judge, jury and executioner. Burke says he'll leave that to Matthew.

Liz tells Carolyn that Burke accused Roger and Sam Evans of being responsible for the death of Bill Malloy. She also tells Carolyn that Burke says Roger was responsible for the accident 10 years ago, and that Sam could prove it. She tells Carolyn these things are untrue. She asks her if she'd rather believe that her uncle sent an innocent man to jail or that Burke Devlin is a liar.

The Sheriff asks Burke what happened with Sam. Burke says he ran out on him, but that he doesn't believe Sam killed Bill Malloy. Which would mean Roger Collins did. The Sheriff warns Burke to stay away from Roger Collins and Collinwood. He sends Burke away and calls for Matthew. As he's leaving, Burke says, "Be nice to him Sheriff, that family has influence in this town." The Sheriff tells Matthew to go back to work and leave Devlin alone.

Carolyn believes her mother's story about Burke. Liz suggests that she should ask Burke if she wants to know why he would say those things. Carolyn goes off to bed, and Liz calls the Sheriff looking for Matthew. There's a knock at the door and Liz opens it expecting to find Matthew, but it's Burke Devlin.

Our thoughts

John: Where is Roger Collins? Is he in hiding? Is he up to no good? Is it Louis Edmonds day off?

Christine: He's probably trying to stay one step ahead of Burke. On the other hand, maybe he's off visiting his wife.

John: Who would have thought that the first brawl we'd see would be between Matthew and Burke. Unfortunately the Sheriff arrived before things got interesting.

Christine: I would have expected Joe to go after Burke first, in keeping with his Episode 24 promise to punch Burke in the mouth. Still it was an exciting brawl. Matthew is a madman! Just to note, there was some groovy new tune that did not sound like one of Robert Cobert's compositions playing in the Blue Whale when Burke walks in on Matthew. I believe it's the first time we've heard non-Cobert music on the show.

John: I'm extremely disappointed in Carolyn. She made up her own mind about Burke based on her experiences, and then throws all that out when her mother makes claims that she can't back up with facts. One has to wonder how long this web of lies can last.

Christine: You know Kitten has a special affection for her Uncle Roger. When Liz asks if she'd rather believe that Burke is a vicious liar or that her Uncle Roger let an innocent man to go to jail, she has to side with her uncle. The bar fight certainly livened things up today. Let's hope we'll get to see more action when Burke confronts Roger tomorrow!

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  1. Its too bad the fight got broke up. Matthew vs. Burke would have been a good fight.