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Episode 51 - 9/5/66

Liz asks Roger if Carolyn and Vicki had returned. He says he didn't even know they were out. Liz says she knows something happened to Bill. Vicki and Carolyn burst in and say there's a dead man in the rocks at the foot of Widow's Hill. Roger asks who it was. Liz tells him to grab a flashlight and go investigate. Roger says they should send Matthew. Liz calls Matthew and asks him to look and see if there's anything there. Vicki asks Liz if she thinks it might be a trick of David's. Roger thinks so.

Matthew goes out to the cliff to investigate.

Roger asks Carolyn couldn't it be a dead woman? He then tells of the prophecy. Carolyn asks if she can bunk with Vicki tonight. The go to get cocoa and Carolyn asks who she thinks it was. Vicki says she hopes it's a stranger.

Liz and Roger discuss it, and Liz refuses to speculate who it might be. Roger wishfully suggests that maybe it's Burke Devlin. Liz tells Roger that she offered Ned Calder his old job to return. Roger is upset that he wasn't considered, but excited when Liz clarifies he turned her down.

Matthew arrives and says he climbed down to the rocks and walked from one end of the property to the other, and there was nothing there. Vicki asks if the body could have been washed away, and Roger says it's impossible. Matthew says nothing is impossible at Collinwood.

Liz asks Roger if he thinks Matthew is telling the truth. Liz seems less sure. She goes up to bed, and Roger calls Sam.  He asks if Sam has heard from Bill. He says he hasn't either, and hangs up on him.

Liz comes to Matthew's house. She questions what he saw, and asked what he expected to find. He said he expected to find Bill Malloy. Liz asks Matthew to take her to see what he saw.

Vicki and Carolyn couldn't sleep. They go downstairs and ask Roger to join them to confirm what they saw wasn't there.

Matthew takes Liz to the cliff. He points at something that causes her to gasp. She says it's a clump of seaweed.

Back in the house, the girls try to convince Roger to join them. He refuses. As Vicki and Carolyn go to leave, Liz enters and describes it as a clump of seaweed. Roger blames David for putting death on Vicki's mind. She tells him that David looked into his crystal ball earlier, told her that Bill Malloy was dead, and that Roger killed him.

Our thoughts

John: Argh! Though not as frustrating as a Saturday afternoon serial where the hero is surely dead at the end of one chapter only to be shown escaping at the beginning of the next, the disappearance of the body of Bill Malloy is likely going to drag on for several more weeks.

Christine: Typical soap opera. Liz says that Bill Malloy lacks initiative and intuition, which doesn't really fit with what he was up to the last day we saw him. Funny how Roger suggests she may have called Ned for some personal satisfaction.

John: Okay, my new theory is that Matthew disposed of the body to avoid police and reporters to come snooping around Collinwood.

Christine: His look of surprise when investigating the rocks below the cliff suggest he was looking at more than seaweed. We know he is an ardent protector of the Collins family, so this may be a valid theory.

John: Where was tough guy Roger this episode? I think he was too afraid he might see Bill Malloy in the rocks at the base of Widow's Hill...

Christine: His nervousness makes him appear guilty. Perhaps he expected the tide to carry the corpse out to sea rather than back to shore, and does not want to go with Carolyn and Vicki to confront his wrongdoing.

Roger hears about a dead body found among the rocks.

Roger takes his medicine.

Nope, that's definitely not seaweed. How long before Bill's body is found?

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