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Episode 58 - 9/14/66

Sam Evans is drinking when Joe arrives at the Blue Whale. Sam invites Joe to join him and toast Bill's memory. Joe tells him the Collins family closed the plant for the rest of the day in Bill's memory.

David is enjoying his day off from studying.  Carolyn finds him in the drawing room. David asks where she and Vicki saw Mr. Malloy's body. He wants to know exactly where the body was found. Carolyn is upset with him, and she doesn't want to talk about Bill Malloy. He asks her what other kid gets to live in a house with real ghosts. And if she doesn't like it, why doesn't she just leave? David says maybe Mr. Malloy will join the ghosts.

Sam asks Joe if the police can figure it out. He grills him for all the details to determine if they could find the exact spot where Bill went into the water. Sam is about to order some more beers when the Sheriff arrives. He joins them, and says it's a shame the way a good man's death can be a benefit to some people. Sam freaks out, and the Sheriff explains that Joe got a day off work. Joe leaves to go see Carolyn.

David comes in from outside and says he figured out exactly where Bill's body must have been. Carolyn calls David morbid, but he doesn't know what it means. There's a knock at the door and it's Joe. He asks if she wants to go for a drive. Carolyn goes upstairs to change and David starts to ask Joe about currents. David says he's trying to solve a murder.

The Sheriff tells Sam they need to have a nice long talk in his office.

Carolyn comes back down and Joe explains to David how tide tables work. Joe has to leave with Carolyn, and suggests David ask his father for help with his calculations.

The Sheriff asks Sam about the meeting. Sam says Bill asked him to go to the meeting, and he doesn't know why. The Sheriff doesn't buy Sam's story. The Sheriff says, "let's see if we can figure it out." He asks Sam about Burke's manslaughter conviction. Sam asked if he had evidence he should have given at Burke's trial. Sam stands up and screams it's nonsense. The Sheriff wants to know why Sam would go to a late night meeting if he didn't know why. The Sheriff tells what Burke told him—that Bill was going to prove his innocence. The Sheriff asks where Sam was at 10:45 that night. Sam asks if that's when Bill died. The Sheriff says it sounds like Sam and Roger Collins had something to gain if Bill died.

David mopes around the drawing room and stomps upstairs. There's a knock at the door and it's the Sheriff. David asks if he's come to see his father about Mr. Malloy, and he runs upstairs to get him.

Our thoughts

John: Sam sure takes to calling Joe 'son.' You'd think he wants to hook him up with Maggie.

Christine: Joe is a decent, hardworking fella who'd be an ideal match for Maggie. When faced with an unexpected day off work, the first place he goes is to the Blue Whale to indulge in a beer, so he'd get on well with her Pop. Does Joe call the bartender 'Pudgy' or 'Punchy?' Both equally funny names for a bartender.

John: It's pretty clever how the Sheriff started playing Sam from the get go. If he only knew the answer was to keep him drinking, as opposed to taking him out of the bar and back to his office.

Christine: I had to laugh when the Sheriff said the smoke is terrible in there when Sam is the only one smoking. Equally amusing is Sam saying he doesn't notice it.

John: If he's got a working crystal ball, David sure is wasting a lot of time trying to read tide charts...

Christine: Think it's the last we've heard of the crystal ball? That thing really could have come in handy at Collinwood. My obsession with the portrait of Isaac Collins continues. In Episode 56, it had moved to the left of the bay windows, now it's back on the right. Why, I ask, why? Perhaps they want to keep it in the shot. If they'd stop moving it around, I'd stop talking about it.

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