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Dark Shadows Episode 765 - 5/30/69

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Outside of Beth's window, a bat flaps. Beth comes into her room and finds Barnabas standing there. She asks how he could get into her room before her. He says that isn't important. He points out that she ordered a silver pentagram in town, and she knows the animal is a werewolf that will change back to a human being in the morning. He asks her who it is. She says she knows nothing about the animal, and asks him to leave. He approaches her, and she asks him to leave. He bares his fangs, and as she asks what he is, he leans in to bite her neck.

Barnabas stands over Beth. He asks if she still wants him to leave, and she says no. He asks who the werewolf is. She tells him it's Quentin. He asks how it happened. She says he killed Jenny trying to protect him, but Magda didn't believe him, and put a curse on him and all of his male descendants.

Barnabas asks why she went into the town for the pentagram. She says it's to protect the baby boy. Barnabas asks what baby. Beth tells him of Jenny's twins. She confirms that Quentin doesn't know about them. Barnabas says he'll have to know sooner or later. He says he'll be sure Quentin survives. He says he needs to be sure the police don't capture the werewolf, as if they put him in a cell, he'll transform back into Quentin in the morning. He tells her to trust him. She says she wants Quentin to be free of the curse. Barnabas realizes that Beth is in love with Quentin. Barnabas leaves, and Beth takes out the pentagram.

Magda approaches Collinwood, carrying a gun and silver bullets. Judith opens the door, and Magda says she's there to see Beth. Judith tells her that she'll have to come back in the morning. Magda asks her to wake Beth. Judith tries to shut the door, but Magda stops her. Judith insists that she leave, and Magda finally does.

Judith goes back inside and turns off the lights in the drawing room. She leaves, and Magda appears outside the window. She goes upstairs as Magda sneaks into the drawing room. Magda hears Barnabas and Beth discuss Quentin. He says after he gets back with Quentin, he'll have a talk with Magda. Barnabas leaves, and Magda steps out. She asks Beth if she got the pentagram for the child. She says she got one for the boy and one for her. Magda asks if Barnabas knows everything. Beth asks if she found a way to end the curse, and she says she has the only way. She notices the marks on Beth's neck, and says she cannot tell her. She leaves, and outside loads her gun with the silver bullets.

The werewolf approaches Collinwood.

Beth waits in the foyer for Barnabas to return. Judith comes down to make some tea. She asks Beth if she was in the drawing room, because the doors were open. Beth says they might have blown open when Barnabas stopped by to check on them. Judith goes into the drawing room and finds the open window. She says that someone has been in the room. She suggests they go upstairs and lock themselves in their rooms. The phone rings and she sends Beth upstairs. It's the sheriff calling to tell her the animal was wounded.

Beth goes upstairs to find her room ransacked. She runs out of the room.

Judith suggests the sheriff keep looking until they find proof the animal is dead. She's turning the lights out again when she hears a noise. She goes into the foyer and sees the werewolf on the landing. It jumps down to the floor and approaches her. She screams, and Beth appears with the pentagram. She forces him into the drawing room, but the werewolf jumps out the window and runs off.

Magda searches the woods, and hides in the shadows when she hears Barnabas approach. She emerges after he's gone.

Beth calls the sheriff to let him know the animal was in the house. She asks them to send men to guard the house. Judith asks Beth what she did to make the animal turn and run. Beth denies that she did anything. Judith says it appeared frightened of her, and asks why. Beth says he was wounded, so he was likely badly frightened. Judith points out that he was dressed and stood like a man. Beth suggests she go upstairs to rest. Judith says she'll wait for the police to arrive.

The werewolf climbs up on a rock.

Magda hears the werewolf. She sees him, fires her gun, and he collapses to the ground.

Our thoughts

John: So Barnabas finally knows that Quentin is the werewolf! Of course he found out AFTER he put the bite on Quentin's girlfriend. Oops!

Christine: Will he put the bite on Magda next to try and force her to lift the curse? Though if she's ending the curse with silver bullets, I tend to think she's unable to reverse her work.

John: So how exactly did the werewolf sneak into the house, ransack Beth's room, and make it back downstairs before anyone even heard him?

Christine: It's a 40 room mansion, and Beth's room is in the west wing away from the main part of the house, so it's easy to see how he might not be heard, but it is amazing that a creature who destroys everything in sight wouldn't leave a telltale trail of destruction in his wake.

John: I have to admit, I was disappointed that despite the werewolf's penchant for jumping through windows, the drawing room window was suddenly wide open when Beth drove him out with her pentagram.

Christine: There must have been no room in the budget for windows this week.

When fancy camera work doesn't really work.
The well traveled afghan survives the wolf mauling in Beth's room.

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