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Dark Shadows Episode 759 - 5/22/69

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Laura sits by the fireplace, unable to speak. She wonders why Ra has foresaken her.

Quentin asks Angelique why he's in the old house with her. She says she wanted him with her when it happens.

Laura begs Ra for strength to crush her enemies.

Quentin asks Angelique if they're in danger. He grabs her arm and says it's hot. Angelique stands up.

Laura begs for Angelique to burn from the inside.

Angelique screams as she burns while Quentin watches. He calls to her, but she just screams, and ultimately disappears.

Laura, whose voice has returned, thanks Ra. Dirk rushes in and asks her what's wrong. She says that Ra is angry with her. Dirk tells her that it's her imagination. She says she has so much to do, and then faints into his arms.

Magda finds Quentin in the old house and tells him to leave. She notices that he appears to be in shock. She asks if he saw something in the house, and he tells her he saw Angelique burn. He says Laura knew that fire was the only way to handle a witch. Magda tells him to leave, and he says he won't leave until he has told Barnabas. Magda tells him he got what he deserved, and tells him to run and hide. She tells him that he can't fight Laura, and he runs

Dirk says there must be something they can do. Laura tells him he must go to Angelique's room and find her scarab. She says she will rest for what she must do if he cannot find it.

Barnabas rises and comes upstairs. He is surprised to see Magda. He asks where she and Sandor were when he returned to his coffin. She says she has news and crosses herself. She tells him that Laura knows he is a vampire.

Barnabas is surprised to hear Angelique saved him from Laura, and then realizes she wouldn't allow him to be free of her curse. He blames Magda and Sandor for not being there to protect him. He can't understand how Angelique could let herself be burned. He asks if she told Quentin about him, and Magda assures him that Laura plans to deal with him herself. He says that he will deal with Laura, and then decide what to do with Magda and Sandor.

Dirk returns from searching Angelique's room and says there's no scarab there. She tells him that Ra wants her back. Dirk tells her that he gave her strength once before, and he will do it again. He kisses her. She tells him that she and Dirk will be together again at some other time. She says she promised Ra that she would take the children. She tells him to get out and he refuses.

She gives him a letter to give to Judith. He explains she's not there. She reiterates that he must deliver the message to her. She asks Dirk what he remembers doing at the old house. He says he was searching for Barnabas. She says that Angelique made him forget what he saw, but once Judith reads her letter, they will all know. She tells him to get anyone out of Jamison's room, and to prepare a carriage to go to the school to get Nora. He tells her that she had better come quickly for him, because they'll know he helped her.

Dirk arrives at Collinwood and is attacked by a bat.

Laura arrives at Collinwood and is startled by Barnabas. He tells her that it's rather late for a visit. She points out that it's early for him, since his night has just begun.

He notices that she's dressed for traveling. She says it doesn't concern him, and he says that it does. He tells her that her plan has already gone wrong. She says he is bluffing.

She says it's strange that they should both be in the same house in the same year. He asks if she was a Phoenix when he saw her before, and she says he loved her her as only a little boy could. She asks him to let her go with the children. He says he cannot. She says it's not their fault for who they are. He says he knows what she's going to do. She asks if he'd believe Quentin and he shakes his head. She then asks if he'd believe Angelique and he continues shaking his head. She asks who he would believe and he shows her Dirk's body.

She accuses him of killing Dirk, and he says that he didn't kill him. He just needed her letter, which he has already burned. She tells him he has no power over her. He says she may be right, but she will not leave the house with Jamison. She starts upstairs, and Barnabas smiles.

Laura goes into Jamison's room. She approaches the bed and tells him to wake up. She pulls back the covers and finds pillows. In the opposite corner of the room, Angelique laughs.

Our thoughts

John: It sure seemed like Angelique was dispatched a little too quickly and easily by Laura. It doesn't really make sense, which is why I assume they didn't bother to have that carry through into a second episode.

Christine: She asked Quentin to get a full length mirror, and just after leaving her at Collinwood, he found her at the Old House, so I suspect she did some sort of duplicating magic so her alternate self could burn for her and cause Laura to let her guard down. I believe the current score stands at Laura: 2, Angelique: 3.

John: What a nice surprise to see Dirk attacked by a chroma-key bat! And then to hear that he was dead, only to have Barnabas break the bad news that he didn't actually kill him. Damn!

Christine: I was truly surprised to see nearly everyone but him do his signature head grab in this episode, though his new signature move seems to involve grabbing women and roughing them up, even while attempting to console them!

"Laura, nobody wants you. It's just your imagination." -Loverboy Dirk Wilkins

John: Barnabas' surprise for Laura might have been a bit more effective had the cameraman not shown us Angelique in Jamison's bedroom before Laura pulled back the sheets.

Christine: I'm not sure Barnabas knew Angelique was upstairs waiting to cackle at Laura. He may have been smiling when she started upstairs because he knew Laura would not be able to take Jamison from the house since he had hidden him away. Perhaps we'll know for sure tomorrow.

"You were in love with me, as only a little boy can be." -Laura Collins

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