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Dark Shadows Episode 752 - 5/13/69

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Beth comes downstairs to find Quentin lying on the ground in the foyer. He's covered in blood. He asks what he's doing on the floor. She says he's been gone all night, and asks how he got like this. He tells her that he doesn't remember anything.

Beth helps Quentin to his room. She tells him he has to change his bloody and torn clothes. He says that Magda put a curse on him. She promised something would happen to him last night, and he doesn't have any idea what it was. Beth says she knows. She says they had a gypsy fiend frighten him and chase him into the woods. She says it's over now, and he says he doesn't think it is.

Judith speaks to Evan about Quentin. She says he's trying to break his bargain, and she wants him out of the house as quickly as possible. Beth arrives and tells Judith that Quentin is back in the house. Judith asks if he's well enough to speak to Evan, when the phone rings. Trask called her to tell her that a teacher at the school was torn apart by a wild beast last night, and that they should all beware. Evan goes up to speak to Quentin.

Beth tells Quentin about the teacher at the school. She says that the teacher was attacked by the same beast that attacked him. Quentin says that despite being covered in blood, he doesn't have a scratch on him. Evan arrives to see him. He asks Beth to leave them alone, and she reluctantly does. Evan reminds Quentin of the paper he signed. He says that as Quentin has not fulfilled the bargain... and pauses. He asks Quentin what's wrong. He tells Evan that he's sick with fear. He tells him that Magda the gypsy placed a curse on him. He says something happened last night, but he doesn't know what it was. Evan asks if he's sure that he wants to know. Evan sees the bloody clothes, and asks Quentin if he remembers nothing. Evan says he will help him, but it will cost him. Quentin says that he's his friend, and Evan says there's no such thing. Quentin says he'll give him anything.

Judith arrives, and Evan says Quentin will be quite cooperative. Quentin tries to return the money, and Judith holds up the agreement. Quentin takes it and tears it apart.

Evan comes to the old house. Magda tells him Barnabas isn't there. He asks if Sandor is there, and she says he is out. He says that means they can speak privately. Magda speaks of the girl who was murdered. Evan asks what her cards say about how her curse on Quentin is working. He asks why kind of curse she put on him. She says she doesn't want to talk about it. She says she threatened to put a curse on him, but what does saying a few words mean. She admits she tried to put a curse on him. Evan asks him what it was, and she refuses. He says if it didn't work, why would it matter. She says she can twist her words to use them against her. He points out that she doesn't need to worry as long as she's wearing the pentagram. She says it's just a worthless gypsy jewel. He offers her $100 for it. She says it belonged to her mother. He says he knows what it is, and how it offers protection. He asks her again what she needs protection from.

Evan draws a pentagram on the floor in Quentin's room. Quentin asks what evils it protects against. Evan says many, but he doesn't know which he'll need. He says at sunset, Quentin must place two black candles at the two base points of the pentagram, and then he is to stay inside it. Quentin doesn't want to hear of it. Evan says he could die within the pentagram, and Quentin says he can't because he won't be in it. He threatens to kill Magda, and Evan warns him against it. Evan warns Beth not to stay with Quentin tonight.

That night, Beth asks Quentin how he feels. Quentin realizes that his 'friend' Evan has frightened her. He tells her to get out, and she leaves. As she does, he repeats his pained experience from the night before. Beth puts a chair within the pentagram and tries to get Quentin there. She goes to place the two black candles, but sets them aside as she tries to help him. She watches him change and she screams.

Our thoughts

John: So let's talk about this werewolf transformation. Are we to believe that the werewolf rips up his own clothes? Or are his victims responsible for that when they fight back? I do recall that Tom Jennings never had any scars he received in wolf form when he turned back into a man...

Christine: I assumed the torn clothes were due to a change in size during the transformation. Sort of like The Hulk.

John: Who would have thought that having a family attorney with a connection to the dark arts would come in handy! Too bad that he's not willing to help out his old pal Quentin pro bono!

Christine: He and Magda were getting pretty close in the Old House. Will he be hooking up with her to do some strange magic together?

John: Do you think it's too late for Beth to place the candlesticks and get within the protective boundary of the pentagram? I'll be pretty surprised if she doesn't survive a mid-week werewolf attack.

Christine: If a pentagram necklace is enough to protect Magda, then I think the pentagram drawing should be protection enough for Beth even without the candles. I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

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