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Episode 135 - 12/30/66

Vicki follows David up to his room and asks why he ran away. He reiterates that the lady downstairs is not his mother. Vicki says she's very nice, and seems to love him very much. He says if he goes downstairs, something terrible might happen. Vicki says that's just his imagination. He pleads with Vicki not to make him go downstairs and she agrees. She goes downstairs and he returns to looking out his open window.

Vicki suggests to Liz that David postpone his visit with his mother until tomorrow. Laura says she knows he doesn't want to see her. She says she could see it in his eyes that David was afraid of her. She turns back to staring into the fire.

Upstairs, David calls out to his mother again and tells her to stop looking at him.

Liz says that David needs more time than they imagined to adjust to her. Roger invites Laura to stay with them in Collinwood. Roger suggests that Laura could stay in Matthew's cottage. Laura is thrilled by the idea. Carolyn arrives home and is introduced to her aunt. She offers to take her aunt to Matthew's cottage.

David yells for his mother to go away before closing the window.

Liz gives Carolyn the keys to the cottage. She tells Laura she'll have Mrs. Johnson give it a cleaning in the morning. She and Carolyn leave. Liz goes upstairs to see David. Vicki tells Roger that David has been saying strange things about his mother; that she isn't really his mother. Roger says not to bother Liz with that. He says he'll deal with it.

Liz checks in on David. He asks if she's gone, and his aunt tells him that she'll be staying in Matthew's cottage. He says she gives him a funny-scary feeling when he's around her. He cries and tells her that he's scared, but doesn't know why.

Carolyn shows Laura to the cottage. She looks around and says she'll be very cozy. Carolyn asks where she's staying, and says that her old friend Burke Devlin is staying at the Collinsport Inn. She says that her uncle Roger hates Burke, and Laura says that she doesn't hate him. Laura goes to the window and asks which window in the house is David's.

David tells his aunt he was just being silly, and apologizes for crying. He says his mother is very pretty, and says he looks forward to meeting her. Liz tucks him in.

Laura asks if she can move in right away. Carolyn explains that the place isn't ready. Laura says she'll start a fire, and she'll be fine. Carolyn says she has to go into town, so she'll pick up Laura's bags and bring them back. Laura explains that they're already packed, as she never unpacked.

David tosses and turns as the voice of his mother calls to him, saying she needs him.

Our thoughts

John: We get a nice, loving scene between David and Liz. I kept wondering if something was possessing him, as he wasn't his bratty self.

Christine: Hasn't David been possessed all along? I thought it was the widows, but it's possible it's been his mother that's been possessing him all this time. Liz has obviously taken on the role of mother to David and will have a hard time giving him up to Laura, especially if she starts acting unbalanced.

John: So Laura never unpacked her bags, and as far as we know, she never spent much if any time in the Inn. What are we to infer from this?

Christine: We can infer that she hasn't changed her clothes or brushed her teeth since she arrived in Collinsport.  It seems she's also been spending a lot of her time hovering around outside David's window sending him psychic messages.

John: Laura's calling to David in his sleep is particularly creepy. I wonder how long into the new year Laura's story will last.

Christine: Since she's moving in to Matthew's cottage, she must intend to stay awhile. In only four short months we'll get to meet Elizabeth's cousin from England.

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