Friday, December 2, 2016

Episode 115 - 12/2/66

David brings a bag of food to the old house. Matthew appears and startles him.

Vicki comes downstairs with a suitcase. Liz asks her what she has planned in Bangor. She says she'll see Frank, and also plans to see a concert. Liz tells her to go to Bangor and put the bad things out of her mind.

Matthew asks David for his dinner. He sets up a table and chair in the old house. He tells David he'll never forget what he's done for him. David says there are a lot of secrets around here, and he knows them all.

Vicki tells Liz she admires her strength. As Liz sends her on her way, she asks if she's seen David. She says David is likely at the old house. Vicki offers to get him before she leaves.

Matthew eats the food David brought him. He says David brought a lot of food, and asks if he thinks they'll miss it. David says Matthew could stay for years, since everyone else is afraid of the old house. Matthew says David is a true friend. Matthew says there are reasons he can never be found in the old house. David says it's because of ghosts, and Matthew says it's not. He tells David when it's time to leave, he'll share the secrets of the old house. Suddenly. Vicki calls out to David. Matthew scrambles to hide.

Vicki tells David his aunt is looking for him. She walks in and sees food lying on the ground. When she grabs it, she drops something. She explains that David is wanted at the house, and that she has a bus to catch to Bangor. As they leave, David yells out to the house that he'll be back tomorrow. The two leave, and Matthew picks up what Vicki dropped.

Liz calls the sheriff for an update on Matthew. Vicki and David walk in, and Liz explains they haven't found Matthew yet. David says he doesn't think they'll catch Matthew. Liz makes David apologize for wasting Vicki's time. As she's about to leave, Vicki realizes she dropped her wallet. David offers to help her find it, but she's sure she can find it on her own.

Liz tells David that he was responsible for Vicki losing her wallet. They discuss loyalty, and Liz explains that she'll love him no matter what. David asks if he has to be loyal to his father. Liz says he should be loyal to his family first,

Vicki searches for her wallet at the fence near the old house.

Liz asks David who he's chosen to be loyal to. He says there may be someone who needs him.

Vicki enters the old house. She looks around for her wallet, and sees footprints leading to a bookcase. Matthew appears behind her with wallet in hand, and asks her if she lost something.

Our thoughts

John: Clearly Matthew isn't the smartest tool in the shed. He can't expect to hide out in the old house forever with David bringing him supplies.

Christine: It could be he's waiting for the police to clear the roadblocks so he can head up to his brother's place, though he's probably thinking he can take advantage of David a little while longer.

John: One might think no one would notice Vicki was missing until she doesn't return from Bangor after the weekend, but the luggage should still be in the foyer at Collinwood.

Christine: Is that why the camera zeroed in on her suitcase as she left?

John: Someone should be doing a better job hiding the secret panels in the old house. If they're going to leave footprints leading right through a bookcase, that's a dead giveaway.

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  1. My husband and I are watching all the episodes from the beginning, and having a ball! We recently discovered your fabulous blog. Thanks for your insightful commentary. Regarding this episode: Is that a box of dry macaroni on the table in Matthew's hideout? Mmmm, crunchy!