Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Episode 122 - 12/13/66

Vicki remains trapped in the secret room of the old house while Matthew tells David that he won't go to jail for helping him. David asks when Mathew plans to leave. He says he'll leave that night if the sheriff's men are gone. David leaves, and Matthew returns to the secret room. He threatens to break Vicki's neck for trying to get David's attention. Vicki tells Matthew that he had better leave before David tells what he knows, now that he's afraid of going to jail.

Carolyn calls Burke. He asks if she has news about Vicki. She says she didn't call to talk about Vicki - she called to talk about what's going on in Collinwood. Her family says she can't see him anymore. Burke asks if they can talk another time, and Carolyn hangs up, depressed. David walks in and asks about his aunt and father. She says they're resting. David asks Carolyn if she thinks Matthew would hurt Vicki. Carolyn tells him if Matthew got a hold of Vicki, they probably won't ever see her alive.

Burke tries to reach Blair unsuccessfully. There's a knock at his door; it's David. David asks Burke if he thinks his father killed the man 10 years ago. He says if his father killed once, he could have killed again - Bill Malloy. And he could also have tried to kill Vicki. He asks if Matthew might be innocent. David asks Burke to tell him that his father killed Bill Malloy. He's interrupted when Blair calls. He tells Blair to hire someone to come and search for Vicki. When he hangs up, he sees that David has left.

Matthew is falling asleep. He ties a gag around Vicki's mouth so he can lie down and go to sleep. A voice calls out to Matthew. He lurches up. He asks Vicki where the voices are coming from, and she says she didn't hear anything.

The portrait of Josette Collins begins to glow again.

Vicki tells Matthew he must have been dreaming. He leaves the secret room to look around. He hears the voice calling to him. The voice identifies herself as Josette Collins. Matthew sees the painting glow and runs back into the secret room and shuts the door. He unties Vicki and brings her out of the room to see Josette's portrait. He says the picture lit up, but Vicki doesn't see it. Matthew thinks he's going crazy. Vicki tells him he was half asleep, and he must have dreamed it all.

Our thoughts

John: Carolyn wasn't thrilled that the first thing Burke asked about was Vicki.

Christine: Or that he cut their phone call short and didn't give her much time or attention.

John: Matthew is looking particularly creepy in this episode. I think in part that they wanted him to look run down and tired; but the resulting make-up almost makes him look ghoulish.

Christine: Vicki is not much of a fighter. Matthew is exhausted and disoriented from hearing ghosts talk to him. He had his back to her when he brought her into the main room to see the ghost lights. It was the perfect opportunity to knock him over and run for her life, and she missed it. Let's hope Josette takes pity on her and gives her a chance to finally get free.

John: Josette speaks! Or does she? It must be the ghost, and not Matthew's imagination, as the portrait lights up, as we've seen before, and they play Robert Cobert's creepy music cue which has predicted the two times she's stepped out of her portrait.

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