Friday, December 16, 2016

Episode 125 - 12/16/66

David runs around Collinwood calling for his father. Roger comes downstairs, as he's closing up parts of the house in preparation for a storm. He stops when David pleads for his father to listen to him. David asks his father to promise that he won't get in trouble for telling what he knows. Roger refuses, and David says that he will be to blame for what happens. Roger sends him to bed, and David tells him that he hopes he dies.

Matthew starts to gather food, and tells Vicki they're going to leave together. The shutters bang on the house, and Matthew is convinced there's someone in the house. Matthew says his enemies are everywhere, and he has to keep an eye out for them. He says he should kill them all, including Vicki. She says she's his friend, and she'll stay with him and help him as long as he wants. Matthew grabs the bag of food to bring to the car. He says he'll drive back to the house to get her. He replaces the gag so she'll stay quiet while he's gone. Once he leaves, she immediately begins struggling with the ropes tying her to the chair.

David is confronted by the ghost of Bill Malloy, who pleads with him to help Miss Winters. He asks if his father killed him, and the ghost disappears as Roger appears. He tells his father he saw Bill Malloy's ghost, and Roger drags him up to his bedroom.

On his way to the car, Bill Malloy's ghost confronts Matthew. The ghost tells him that someone will die at Collinwood tonight. Matthew refuses to believe it's Bill.

David comes downstairs in the night, and goes into the drawing room to call Burke. He leaves a message asking for Burke to come to Collinwood right away, about Vicki.

Vicki frees herself from her bindings, and gets out of the secret room. She opens the front door to find Matthew standing just outside. Matthew says she looks scared, and he apologizes for startling MISS STODDARD. Vicki plays along with his delusion. Matthew realizes they're not in the main house. Vicki tells him they were in the old house looking for David. She suggests that he lie down and rest. He says he doesn't want to rest because he just had a bad dream - that he saw the ghost of Bill Malloy in the woods. Vicki explains she has to go to her room and tries to leave, and Matthew realizes that she's not Miss Stoddard, and he grabs her and drags her into the secret room.

Burke arrives at Collinwood and pounds on the door. Roger comes downstairs and asks what the devil Burke wants. He says David called him and told him to come to the house immediately. He said it had to do with Vicki. Roger refuses to let him see David, and Burke explains he'll go through Roger if he has to. David appears and comes downstairs to see Burke.

Matthew ties up Vicki again, and says he's going to have to kill her. She offers to cooperate. Matthew doesn't believe her. He says the ghosts want her dead. Matthew says her death will be quick and easy.

Our thoughts

John: It's ghost Friday in Collinwood! Nice to see—and hear—Bill Malloy again.

Christine: Well, it certainly took him long enough to appear! Vicki has been holed up in the secret room for two weeks (our time) now.

John: The 'almost-got-away' bits with Vicki are certainly getting tiresome, but something tells me we've finally seen the last of those. I'm surprised it took David so long to decide to call Burke. That was the obvious path once he determined his father wasn't going to protect him.

Christine: I hope you're right and we'll see an end to Vicki in captivity. Whatever happened to Frank Garner anyway? His absence will leave a clear path for Burke. Then Carolyn will be threatening to kill Vicki. If she survives this latest incident at Collinwood, perhaps she'll finally take Burke's advice and pack up and move out.

John: Will Burke arrive in time to save Vicki? Will Matthew be the one to die in Collinwood tonight? And if so, will his ghost hang around the old house with the others? Can't wait to see what transpires on Monday!

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