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Episode 133 - 12/28/66

Burke is on the phone with Blair, and tells him that Laura is the one who can prove he wasn't driving 10 years ago.

Sam stares into the painting he did of Laura surrounded by fire. He covers it when Maggie comes in. She asks if he wants breakfast, and he says he doesn't want to hear about his drinking habits. Sam acts strange, and he says it best when he says something's always bugging him. She goes to lift up the cover on his canvas and he flips out. She says he's been acting strange since the strange woman came into the restaurant. She asks if he ever figured out who she is, and he tells her it's Laura Collins. She asks what Laura has to do with him, and he ignores her. She looks back at the covered canvas.

Burke knocks on Laura's door, but she doesn't answer.

Burke comes into the diner and asks Maggie if she's seen a woman staying at the inn. Maggie says he's looking for Laura Collins, and he asks if she's seen her. She says she hasn't seen her today, but she seemed odd. She comes in, orders coffee, and sits alone without drinking it. Burks tells Maggie that he's never met another woman as exciting or as much fun to be with as Laura. Maggie says she was married, and Burke dismisses that fact. Sam shambles in, and Burke invites him to sit down with him at the bar. Burke tells Sam the one person who can change everything is back in town—Laura Collins. Sam plays dumb, and Burke tells him to start sweating, and then leaves.

Maggie asks her dad what Burke meant. Sam starts to storm out because of the interrogation, and runs into Laura. She asks if he remembers her, and he smiles and says yes. Sam asks her if she's back in town for good. She says she's not sure. He asks if she's seen the family, and she says she's seen all but David. He asks what brought her back, and she replies 'unfinished business.' Sam tells her it's nice to have her back before leaving. Laura sits down and Maggie brings her a cup of coffee. Maggie says her arrival in town has caused a lot of commotion. She says Burke Devlin was just in looking for her. She asks Maggie to tell Burke she hasn't seen her, at which point he arrives. Laura appears shocked to see him.

Burke and Laura exchange pleasantries, and Laura gets up to leave. Burke asks her for just a minute of her time and sits down. He tells her he's been waiting 10 years for this moment, but now he's at a loss for words. She asks how he is, and he says he's bitter. He asks if it's possible she's more beautiful than he imagined. He says he can sense that she's different. He asks why she came back, and she says to do what had to be done. He asks if she saw Roger, and suggested he'd be thrilled to see her. She says she came back for David; that she needs him more than anything. Burke says David is the kind of son they could have had, and Laura says he's exactly the kind. Burke says he came back to prove his innocence, and she's the key to that. She says she has to solve her problems first. She gets up and leaves.

Sam works at his canvas, and steps back and throws the brush at the painting, which appears to flicker in the light.

Our thoughts

John: Today is the first time Vicki's introduction is interrupted by a dialog scene, and then resumed.

Christine: Maggie is some kind of waitress. When Burke asks for another cup of coffee, she tells him to help himself, and then holds out her cup so he can serve her as well!

John: I love when Laura tells Sam he looks the same, Sam says alcohol is a preservative.

Christine: I love the expression on his face when he sees her.

John: Did Laura just confirm my long held suspicion that David is Burke's son??? Things are heating up in Collinsport!

Christine: That's what I heard, though Burke was too fixated on how she might help him prove his innocence to notice. It appears that Sam may be possessed, as he seems unable to control his hand while painting the portrait of Laura. Things are heating up, indeed. Or as Burke Devlin says, "This town's just about ready to come alive."

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