Thursday, December 15, 2016

Episode 124 - 12/15/66

David opens the secret door in the old house and finds Vicki tied to a chair. She tells David that if Matthew finds him there, he'll kill both of them. David says Matthew wouldn't hurt them. She asks David to untie her. Vicki explains that Matthew is dangerous. She asks David again to untie her. They hear a sound outside the secret room. David goes to investigate, and it's the shutters hitting the house. David tries to untie Vicki, who says she'll call the sheriff when they get back to the house. David stops untying her, and says if the sheriff finds out, he'll be sent to jail. He runs off, leaving Vicki tied to the chair.

Maggie brings her new customer her check. The woman asks about Roger, and Maggie describes how Burke Devlin is back in town to deal with Roger about an accident 10 years ago. The woman admits to knowing Burke Devlin. Maggie explains that he's also staying in the hotel. The woman indicates she came in from Phoenix, Arizona. Maggie says she likes that name, and the woman describes the mythology of the phoenix, being reborn from the ashes.

David runs into Matthew outside the old house. Matthew says he left ahead of him, and asks how he ended up behind him. David makes up a story about hiding from a sheriff's deputy. Matthew says he's lying. He asks what David found out at the old house.

 Meanwhile, Vicki struggles to get free of the ropes she's tied up in.

Matthew starts to drag David with him to the old house. David breaks free and runs away.

Sam arrives at the restaurant. Maggie pours him a cup of coffee. Maggie asks when he's going to pull himself together, and if it's the booze that keeps him from doing it. Maggie suggests maybe they need a change of place. She throws out Phoenix, and mentions the woman who came from there. Sam asks who she is. He says she looks familiar. Maggie explains that she knows the Collins family, and Burke Devlin. Sam asks Maggie to let him know if she finds out the woman's name, and then he leaves.

Vicki continues to try and break free. Matthew finds her and asks how her gag came off. He asks if David had been there. He says he can't take any more chances.

David arrives home and calls for his father. 

Our thoughts

John: I'm really going to lose faith in Vicki if she forgives David for abandoning her; leaving her tied up as a prisoner of Matthew.

Christine: Of course she will forgive David. He is a child and he is afraid. She will understand and forgive as long as she lives to do so.

John: How long is Maggie going to chat up the mysterious stranger before introducing herself, or at least asking the woman's name?

Christine: Maggie asks if she's come back to Collinsport to be reborn and she responds,  "Either that or to die again." No wonder Maggie won't introduce herself. What kind of creepy answer is that? Die again? Maggie does ferret out a lot of other information from her and we learn that she's been gone for ten years and only spent the end part of it in Phoenix. She avoids answering where she spent most of her time during her ten year absence.

John: Aha! Laura Collins makes the end credits, just in case anyone was still wondering about this stranger in Collinsport.

Christine: I believe she's the first lady we've seen light up a cigarette on the show.

Here's the 12-7 taping we missed yesterday. Alexandre Moltke must be getting restless being bound for nearly two weeks, as she attacks today's slate with her knee.

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