Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Episode 118 - 12/7/66

Burke suggests that Matthew might have returned to get Vicki. He tells Liz to call the sheriff. She does, and Burke asks if they have any guns. Liz says that Roger does, and she and Joe go to get them.

In the old house, Matthew tells Vicki that she wasn't smarter than he was. Vicki tells him that he had better run while he can. He takes a rope and tells her to get up. He ties her to a chair and ties her scarf around her mouth to gag her.

Burke and Joe load Roger's shotguns, and head out to look for Vicki. Liz then remembers that Vicki lost her wallet. She suggests that they take the shortcut to the old house, as that may be where Vicki got lost.

Matthew looks around outside the old house.

Burke and Joe call out to Vicki. They find a piece of cloth that might be part of Vicki's dress. They continue towards the old house.

Matthew makes his way back to the secret room. He unties the gag on Vicki's mouth. She asks if he heard anyone. and he says he did not. It might be a good time to run. He tells her that he'll bring her with him, so they won't try to shoot him.

Joe and Burke get closer to the old house.

Vicki asks if he can leave her when they get to his car. He says he might leave her after they get a few hours away. He unties her and drags her out.

Joe and Burke arrive at the old house.

Matthew gets to the front door as they hear someone call for Vicki. Matthew covers her mouth and drags her back to the secret room as Burke and Joe enter the old house. Burke sends Joe upstairs, as he looks around downstairs. Burke turns his flashlight on the portrait of Josette Collins.

In the secret room, Matthew holds Vicki with her mouth covered.

The portrait of Josette becomes illuminated, and then dims as Joe comes downstairs. They go to leave, and then Burke stops them, asking Joe if he knows about the old house. He wonders if there are closed off areas. He tells Joe to ask Liz if she knows more about the house, and he'll continue  to explore the old house.

Joe finds Liz and asks if there are rooms in the old house that are closed off that they should check. She says she can help.

Josette's portrait glowed again, but Burke did not see it. Joe returns and says there is a place they haven't searched—the storm cellar. Burke says he already checked there. Burke and Joe leave.

Matthew lets go of Vicki, and she screams for Burke. Matthew tells her that was really dumb.

Our thoughts

John: Did anyone else think giving Joe and Burke guns and sending them out on their own might have resulted in only one of them coming back alive?

Christine: Fortunately their concern for Vicki outweighed their disdain for each other. 

John: So Josette was playing hard to get this episode. We're teased with her musical cue twice, and the portrait begins to glow... but she never steps out of the portrait. Maybe before the week is over, she'll be the one to help Vicki out.

Christine: Josette must be shy. Just when she was glowing to get out, someone would enter the room and she'd blink out. 

John: Come on, Vicki. Why not at least try to make a sound when you knew Burke and Joe were right outside the door!

Christine: Well, Matthew is pretty scary. He might be able to choke the life out of her before those two lunkheads could find the secret room.

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