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Episode 123 - 12/14/66

Matthew stares at Josette's portrait. He speaks to it, and it starts to glow. As it does, he runs out of the old house.

Joe stops in to the restaurant and orders a cup of coffee from Maggie. He tells her there's no update on Vicki. Carolyn comes up in conversation, and Joe explains they've crossed each other off of their Christmas card lists. Maggie asks if it's for this season only, and Joe says it's permanent. He describes finding her in Burke Devlin's hotel room the night before. Joe explains that he punched Burke, and Burke punched him before Carolyn broke it up. A woman enters the restaurant and sits down. Joe asks Maggie who it is, and she doesn't know, either.

Matthew returns to the old house and retreats to the secret room. David enters shortly thereafter and calls out for him. Matthew doesn't give away his hiding place. As David walks around, and up to the bookcase, Matthew knocks over a candlestick, which David hears. David then leaves the old house, but peers in the window to see Matthew open the secret door. Matthew comes to the window to look out, and doesn't see David hiding outside.

Maggie offers a menu to her new customer. Joe tells Maggie she looks familiar to him. Maggie asks about the fight, and Joe said that as soon as he mentioned Vicki was missing, Burke all but forgot about Carolyn. Joe leaves, and Maggie offers the woman a cup of coffee. She asks for a glass of water, and then asks Maggie about Grace. Maggie says she replaced Grace when she started. The woman describes the town as not having changed since she last saw it. The woman explains that she just got into town, and she's staying at the hotel. She asks Maggie if the Collins family is the same as ever. She asks about Liz and Roger. Maggie describes Roger as being like Scrooge. She asks about David. Maggie explains that he could use a dungeon.

Matthew steps outside and finds David. David comes in and offers him the food he brought. Matthew says David was snooping. David asks where Matthew was when he was looking for him in the house. Matthew says never mind where he was, and grabs him forcefully. David says he's going to go back to the house. Matthew gets angry and sends him away, and then apologizes and thanks him for what he did. He tells David not to return until the morning.  After David leaves, Matthew goes to get water.

David sees Matthew leave, and he sneaks back into the old house. He goes to the bookcase and opens the secret door. He is shocked by what he sees.

Our thoughts

John: Wow. Joe says he would have liked to have punched Carolyn. Now THAT would have been a pivotal moment.

Christine: Except Joe Haskell would never ever hit a lady. I wonder if Maggie will be his girl before the new year begins.

John: A new face in Collinwood? Who could she be? It didn't take long to figure out that she must be David's mother!

Christine: She was very interested in hearing about David and none too pleased when Maggie suggests a dungeon would help him. It was unusual to hear Maggie reference the holidays, describing Roger as Scrooge and asking if the mystery gal was back for the holidays. Perhaps we'll have a Collins family Christmas and all the ghosts will come a-caroling.

John: David finds Vicki, and we get the fastest outro segment of any episode to date. There's barely enough time to display the Dan Curtis Production vanity card, and without a full refrain of the Dark Shadows theme music. So much for getting the name of the new actress from the credits!

Christine: I wonder if it was done on purpose to keep her identity a mystery. You can find her name in the labels if you want to know who she is. The actress is Diana Millay.

For those who enjoy the minutiae, yesterday's episode taped 12-6, so 12-7 was skipped.

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