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Episode 134 - 12/29/66

David stares out his bedroom window calling for his mother. Liz enters and asks what he's doing. He explains that he's awaiting her arrival.

Downstairs, Liz tells David his mother should arrive soon. Roger stokes the fire, and David offers to take over. He seems to think she'll be moving into Collinwood. Liz sends him off to get washed up, and asks Roger what he intends to do. He says he has no plans to resume relations with her, but it may make sense for her to move into the house to get her away from Burke at the Inn.

David changes his shirt while he looks out the open window. Vicki enters and asks what's the special occasion. He explains that his mother is coming, and Vicki is very happy for him. He says he's happy to finally see her, but he had a bad dream in which he saw his mother standing in burning flames, calling him to join her.

Laura arrives at Collinwood, and Roger lets her in. Laura asked how David reacted to the news of her return. Roger said he had dreamed about it, and that he even had a bad dream about her return. Roger tells her that Burke Devlin is trying to stir up the mess of 10 years ago. Laura says she has no intention on becoming involved in anything. Vicki comes downstairs and Roger introduces her to Laura. Roger sends Vicki upstairs to collect David, and they retire to the drawing room.

Vicki finds David upstairs hiding in a corner. She explains his mother is downstairs, and he tells Vicki he doesn't want to see her. Vicki tells David that his mother is very beautiful, and very nice. He reiterates that he doesn't want to go downstairs, and that he doesn't want his mother to come upstairs.

Liz explains her concerns to Laura. Roger says that he's gotten used to having David around, but if leaving is the best thing for him, he's all for it.

Liz says that everything depends on how Laura and David's relationship develops. Vicki walks him in, and Roger introduces him to his mother. David sees her surrounded by flames, and runs upstairs.

Vicki finds David, and he tells her that the woman downstairs is not his mother.

Our thoughts

John: I laughed when Roger told Laura that it would be hard to get used to David being gone, but he'd somehow manage if it was for the best. Right. I expect he'd already have David's bag packed and waiting by the front door.

Christine: I like how he says it while pouring himself a celebratory drink.

John: Laura is certainly a unique character. She at times comes across as aloof, but as soon as she engages someone in a conversation, she's clearly all there, and sharper than she initially lets on.

Christine: Vicki tells David he and his mother will have a lot to talk about, and when he asks what he should talk about, she suggests he talk about the things he does, such as the games he plays and the homework he doesn't study enough, though she was probably thinking about how he tampered with the brakes on his father's car and nearly killed him, locked her up in a room in the closed off wing and left her to die, and how he didn't set her free when she was Matthew's captive in the Old House. I wonder if Laura would be proud of all he's accomplished during his short time at Collinwood.

John: Okay, we get it. Laura is somehow a phoenix. Does she need David as a sacrificial lamb in order to survive?

Christine: She claims she only needs to love and be loved. Perhaps that's what fuels the flames. She is going to be a fine addition to Collinwood. After being teased with ghosts for so long, it's certainly novel to have a supernatural event handed to us on a platter, with no beating around the bush about it. David sure was working a goofy grin up until he went back to his trademark scowl. What a fine young actor.

Did you notice when Roger asked Vicki to go upstairs and get David, she turned around and walked in the other direction? Some governess!

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