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Episode 130 - 12/23/66

Roger tries again to call Laura at the Inn, but she's still not there. Mrs. Johnson comes downstairs and eavesdrops on Liz and Roger talking about Laura, and how she's staying at the same place as Burke.

Mrs. Johnson visits Burke Devlin in his hotel room to tell him about what's troubling the Collins clan. She realizes that he doesn't know. She tells him that Laura Collins has returned to town. Burke is speechless. She says they think Burke brought her back. He says he tried several years ago, but that she was in a sanatorium, and in no state to leave. Mrs. Johnson tells him that she's staying at the Inn, and he calls down to the front desk to confirm. He does discover she's checked in under her maiden name. Burke says his trouble began with her, and will end with her.

Burke knocks on the door to Laura's room at the Inn. No one answers, so he leaves.

Outside the Collins mansion, David swings in a swing set. Laura approaches and watches him.

Mrs. Johnson prepares David's bed, and she suggests that he may soon be getting the discipline he needs. She starts to cover him up with blankets, and he says he can do it himself. She says someday soon there might be someone else to tuck him in. As she gets ready to leave, David says he felt like he was being watched earlier today; by a woman behind a bush. She tells him to go to sleep and leaves him. He hops out of bed and opens the window she closed so he can hear the howling wind.

Roger tries calling Laura again. Mrs. Johnson comes downstairs and confirms she put David to bed. In the drawing room, Liz asks if Roger will tell David about his mother. She says they need to prepare him.

Upstairs, David tosses and turns in his bed.

There's a knock at the front door, and Mrs. Johnson lets Laura in. Roger comes into the foyer and sees his wife. The exchange pleasantries, and Roger sends Mrs. Johnson away. Roger tells her she looks well, and she says she's hardly at her best. She asks about David, and says she's very anxious to see him. She says she expects Roger never expected to see her again. He says neither the house or those within it have changed. He brings her into the drawing room to see Liz. Liz invites her to join her by the fire, and Laura kneels down very close to it.

David's tossing and turning continues.

Roger offers her a drink, and she confirms she doesn't drink anymore. She tells Liz she's been moving around after getting out of the sanatorium. She says she's found a place out west to settle down. She tells Roger she has no intention in wallowing in the past. She figured out what she wanted—David.

David calls out to his mother in his sleep.

Roger asks what she means when she says she wants David. She says David can give her love. Roger asks where they stand. Legally, they're still married, and Roger says he's responsible for her. She says she won't oppose a divorce. She says she wants complete custody of David.

David continues to call out to his mother in his sleep.

Liz asks what she means, and Roger suggests she wants to take him away from Collinwood. Laura agrees. She says she needs David's love, and she will get it from him. She asks Roger if he wants David more than she does. Liz says they need time, and that the choice must be David's. She prepares to leave, and asks that they call her at the Inn as soon as they make a decision.

David bolts out of bed.

After seeing Laura out, he asks Liz what she thinks. She says she doesn't know what to believe.

David appears to sleepwalk downstairs. Roger tells him to go upstairs, and David ignores him. The front doors fly open and David runs outside calling for his mother. Liz and Roger bring him back into the house as he describes a dream where he saw his mother.

Our thoughts

John: Ah, Mrs. Johnson, Collinwood's resident Deep Throat. You get the sense that she'd be in the spying business even if Burke wasn't slipping her some cash. I particularly like how she can't help herself as she drops hints to David about things to come.

Christine: It seems an unusual task for a housekeeper to tuck a kid into bed. I can understand why Roger doesn't do it, but why isn't Liz up to the task? Where's Vicki? Visiting Frank Garner in Bangor?

John: While the events of 10 years ago aren't brought up specifically, Laura's confirmation that she no longer drinks speaks volumes.

Christine: Sam mentioned in yesterday's episode that she started drinking after her marriage to Roger because she felt guilty about the accident, which is what led to her being placed in the sanitarium. I believe her mentioning that she no longer drinks was a way to communicate that she is well and able to care for her son.

John: We know that Roger doesn't want David. I'm surprised he didn't run upstairs and get him to send him on his way with his mother that night.

Christine: Roger may be okay with letting David go, but Liz certainly won't be.

Bob Lloyd has wished us a happy holiday season nearly every day this week except today, so we'll have to do it for him. Happy holidays from those of us here at Dark Shadows Before I Die.

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