Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Episode 117 - 12/6/66

Mrs. Johnson tells Liz that Carolyn's car is gone, and assumes she drove Vicki to Bangor. Liz is concerned that Vicki is in trouble and that Matthew hasn't been found yet. Joe arrives, and Liz was surprised that Carolyn wasn't with him. Liz believes that must mean Vicki and Carolyn are together.

Burke and Carolyn are in his apartment for a nightcap. Burke toasts to many happy times ahead. Carolyn tells Burke that she didn't tell anyone where she was going for the night. Burke asks if Vicki knows, and Carolyn says no—she's spending the weekend with her new boyfriend, Frank Garner. Carolyn asks why Burke cares what Vicki is doing. Burke asks about Joe Haskell, and Carolyn deflects him. Burke suggests they forget the others and they sit down on the couch. He offers her more brandy.

Joe asks Liz when Carolyn disappeared. Liz says she's not as worried about Carolyn as she is about Vicki. Joe says he'll call the Inn to see if Vicki is there. He asks Maggie if she's seen Vicki, and Maggie confirms that she hasn't seen her all day. Liz mentioned that Carolyn had Mrs. Johnson press a dress, which makes her think she was on a date - and not with Vicki. Joe and Liz realize what this means, and Joe offers to go find her if Liz asks him to. She does.

Burke compliments Carolyn's skin. She says she wishes she understood him better. She wants to believe what he says, but she's a Collins. He says his issue is with her uncle. They kiss, and Carolyn says she believes him. 

They're interrupted by a knock at the door, and it's Joe asking for Carolyn. Burke lets him in, and he sees Carolyn lounging on the couch, drink in hand. She asks if he's spying for her mother. He says he's here because her mother asked him to find her. He asks her to come with him, and she says she's not ready. Burke tells him it's time to go, and Joe punches him. Burke lands two punches on Joe. Joe says the only reason he came was because of Vicki. They thought she was with Carolyn. She never got to Bangor, and appears to have vanished. Burke says they're all going up to Collinwood to find her. They all leave the apartment.

Liz receives a call from Frank, who says there's still no sign of Vicki. Joe, Carolyn and Burke arrive, and ask Liz about Vicki. Liz sends Carolyn to her room. Joe hangs up his coat, almost tripping over Vicki's suitcase. Burke tells Liz that he's here to help find Vicki. Burke asks Joe to help him search. Liz says they know she's gone because her suitcase is gone. Joe says the suitcase is in the foyer. Burke declares that she never left Collinwood.

Our thoughts

John: What an epic episode! Burke lays a couple of kisses on Carolyn! Joe punches Burke! Burke punches Joe! Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

Christine: Joe Haskell has finally kept his promise to punch Burke in the mouth from Episode 24. That certainly was satisfying. Carolyn gets a more passionate kiss than the first one she got from Burke in Episode 86. What's next for the Carolyn-Burke relationship?

John: You know Carolyn has to be thrilled to have Joe and Burke fighting over her; and yet that sentiment is short lived as she's quickly cast aside over the men's shared concern for Vicki.

Christine: After initially balking at being sent to her room by her mother, she must have finally agreed so she wouldn't have to face losing the attention of both men.

John: Thank goodness Joe almost tripped over Vicki's suitcase. I was wondering who would be the first to finally do that, with it left right beside the front door...

"Half the female population in the world would trade their souls for skin like yours."


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