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Episode 114 - 12/1/66

Roger drinks his coffee while reading the morning paper. Vicki offers to get him more coffee, and he says her attempts to be friendly don't change anything. She asks for forgiveness, and he says he's trying to forget it. The phone rings. Roger answers, and it's Burke calling for Vicki. He asks her to meet him in his hotel room. Roger asks her what Devlin wants. He says he can't stop her from seeing him, but if she continues to, he'll regard her as an enemy of the family.

Vicki arrives at Burke's hotel room. He says he's concerned for her, and wanted to be sure she was all right. Roger asks if she thinks Matthew might have been lying. Vicki says that he wasn't. Burke asks if when Roger admitted to finding Bill's body, if the subject of what Bill knew about the manslaughter trial came up. She says she doesn't have any information that Roger is guilty of that. Vicki says she won't do anything to harm Mrs. Stoddard. Burke kisses her. She leaves.

Burke gets a call from Blair with good news.

Liz asks Roger if he intends on going to work in the morning. He says he's waiting to hear about Vicki's meeting with Burke. Liz catches David leaving the house, and Liz asks how he completed his homework that he only just started. She sends him back up to his room, but when she goes into the drawing room he sneaks into the kitchen.

Liz receives a call from Burke, letting her know he's the new owner of the Logansport Enterprises.

David fills a bag with food.

Roger suggests Liz can always just sell the cannery to avoid a fight with Burke. While they argue, David sneaks out of the house with a bag of food. Roger expresses his disappointment that Matthew didn't strangle Burke at the Blue Whale when they had their confrontation.

David makes his way to the old house with food for Matthew.

Liz finds out it's too late to increase their offer on Logansport Enterprises. Roger argues with Liz until Vicki arrives, and he asks her to join them. He asks what their appointment was about. She says he was concerned about her well being. Roger asks if he told her about his latest victory. Vicki explains that she's never going to see him again. Vicki says she told Burke that she wouldn't do anything to hurt the family, because she feels like she's part of it. Even Roger is happy to hear this. Vicki heads off to see David, and Roger suggests that if Liz loses all her money fighting Burke, David and Carolyn will be the ones who suffer. Vicki comes down to say that David isn't upstairs. Liz says she caught him trying to sneak out earlier, and Roger says David's whereabouts are not important.

David leaves the old house without the bag of food.

Liz asks Vicki if she's okay, as she looked flushed. Vicki says she was upset with Burke, and then David comes in. Liz tells him she's upset with him for disobeying her. She sends him upstairs with Vicki. He asks if anyone has heard about Matthew, and Roger says the sheriff says he seems to have disappeared.

Our thoughts

John: Where's Frank Garner while Vicki's off getting kissed by Burke? And for that matter, where's Carolyn?

Christine: Here's the stuff soap operas are made of, my friends. Vicki finally gets the old smoocheroo from BD. After which, she promptly declares she can't see him again. Why are you so flushed, dear Vicki? Just wait 'til green eyed monster Carolyn finds out.

John: Roger once again rails against Vicki, until she says she doesn't plan to see Burke again. If only he could bend his sister to his will, he might be happy.

Christine: When it comes to Collinwood and the Collins' holdings, it's a losing battle. Elizabeth has a greater respect and value for what the Collins family represents than Roger.

John: I can't see Matthew remaining hidden much longer the way David is bumbling about, bringing him food in the middle of the day when he should be working on his schoolwork.

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