Friday, December 9, 2016

Episode 120 - 12/9/66

Matthew tells Vicki he's going to trust her, and take off the gag, but if she makes a sound he'll close her mouth forever. Vicki tells Matthew she can help him. He blames her for everything that has happened in Collinwood. She asks him about food and water, and he says he's got that all taken care of.

Mrs. Johnson prepares David's breakfast. She tells David that Vicki is missing, and folks were looking for her all night. She says they may have seen the last of Vicki. David says Matthew wouldn't hurt her. While she steps out, David collects food for Matthew, along with Mrs. Johnson's cigarettes. She suggests that her disappearance may be David's fault, as she lost her wallet looking for him. Mrs. Johnson returns and is surprised to see her cigarettes are missing. Surprisingly, she doesn't press David on their absence.

David brings the food to Matthew at the old house. Matthew is glad to see him. Within the locked room, Vicki can hear David talking to Matthew. David tells him that Vicki is missing - and asks if Matthew knows where she is, because everyone in the house think he's got her. Matthew points out that they're blaming him for everything. David asks Matthew to tell him the secret of the old house, and Matthew snaps at him. He calms down, and suggests David get back.

Matthew brings food to Vicki. She says she's thirsty, and he tells her he's going to the well to get water.

On his way back to the new house, David realizes he didn't give Matthew the cigarettes, so he turns back. In the old house, he calls out to Matthew. He hears someone mumbling. David isn't sure where the mumbling is coming from.

Outside, Matthew is coming back to the old house.

Our thoughts

John:  Matthew is getting pretty cavalier for a fugitive, and I suspect that will be his downfall.

Christine: How about that Mrs. Johnson telling David that they've probably seen the last of Miss Winters and if it wasn't for him she might not be missing.

John: I'm surprised that as soon as he heard sounds in the old house, David didn't either determine it was his friendly ghosts or Vicki.

Christine: It could be he didn't want to believe that Matthew has Vicki locked up in the Old House. He considers Matthew a friend and he doesn't have many of those around Collinwood.

John: So the burning question remains... will it be David or the ghosts of Collinwood that ultimately save Vicki from Matthew? And how much longer will she be tied up in that secret room!

Christine: Will David also need saving when Matthew comes back and catches him listening to the muffled sound of Vicki saying, "David, please help me!" from the secret room. I was expecting a rescue today. Her captivity may continue for another week!

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