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Dark Shadows Episode 1101 9/14/70

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In the playroom, Gerard stands before Rose Cottage with a lit candle. He sets the dollhouse on fire.
In Rose Cottage, Daphne sees flames. She tries to get out, but the door is stuck.

In the playroom, Gerard holds the dollhouse door shut with his finger.

Daphne is trapped in the burning room in Rose Cottage.

Gerard smiles.

Maggie sleeps with a crucifix around her neck. Carolyn is in the room with her, and suddenly feels as if someone is going to die in the house. She runs out of the room.

Daphne notices the windows are boarded up, and begs for Gerard not to kill her.

Gerard watches the dollhouse burn.

Daphne begs for her life.

Carolyn walks in on Gerard and asks him what he's trying to do.

In Rose Cottage, the fire goes out. Daphne tries the door and it opens.

Carolyn accuses Gerard of trying to destroy the dollhouse. Carolyn says she won't allow anything to happen to it, because she gave it to Carrie for her birthday. She asks who he was trying to hurt. He walks away and she tries to set things back up in the dollhouse. She asks Gerard if he's the least bit ashamed. He approaches her and she tells him not to do anything to Carrie's dollhouse before leaving the room. He scowls.

Barnabas listens to the dogs howling outside of Collinwood. Julia returns and says the children were cooperative. He suggests that they go see Maggie now.

A squeaky bat flaps outside Maggie's window. She removes the crucifix and gets out of bed. Barnabas and Julia arrive. Barnabas looks out the window, but there's no one there. He asks Maggie who she wanted to see. She says she has to go, and he asks her where. Julia says her condition is worse. Julia says she shouldn't have been left alone. She goes to get her supplies so she can give Maggie another transfusion.

Julia brings a jug of blood when she finds Carolyn in the foyer. She asks Carolyn why she left Maggie. Carolyn says she had something urgent to do, and the danger isn't as great as she thinks it is. Carolyn goes to leave, and Julia says it's dangerous outside. Carolyn says she'll be fine. She says she can't talk about it, but she has something urgent to do at Rose Cottage. Julia says she previously told her she had never heard of it. Julia asks her where it's at, and who lives there. Carolyn says no one has lived there since she died. Julia asks her who died. Carolyn asks why she's so curious about Rose Cottage. She says it might be best to drop it. Julia asks her to mail a letter on her way.

Barnabas asks Maggie to look at him. He asks her who she was trying to see when he and Julia came into her room. She says nothing. Julia comes in and pulls Barnabas aside. She writes a note, saying Carolyn is going to Rose Cottage. She explains she asked Carolyn to mail a letter for her. She gives the letter to Barnabas to give to Carolyn, and asks him to follow her. She then sets up Maggie's transfusion.

Barnabas gives Carolyn Julia's letter. She leaves, and he follows after her.

Maggie responds to the dogs howling. She says she doesn't want to stay. Julia tells her it's for her own good.

Carolyn arrives at Rose Cottage. She calls for Daphne. Barnabas walks on her. He asks who she was talking to. He demands that she tell him everything she knows about Rose Cottage. She says that's a strange name for a place like this. He asks how it got named. She says it was named when Carrie was small. She says Carrie always dreamed of a dollhouse called Rose Cottage. Carolyn says she had Quentin build a replica of this house for Carrie. She says everyone called the dollhouse Rose Cottage, and eventually called the mansion the same. She then tells Barnabas he was rude to follow her, and storms off.

Julia is taking Maggie's pulse when Barnabas comes in. He says he's been to Rose Cottage — it was the old Magruder house. Julia says if Maggie is attacked one more time, it will be too late. Barnabas says he must destroy the man who is doing this to Maggie, and heads outside.

Julia reads while Maggie sleeps. A figure wearing a hat appears in the room behind her. Julia suddenly grows tired. She nods off. Maggie removes the crucifix and gets out of bed, approaching the figure in the shadows.

Our thoughts: 

John: So is Carolyn always possessed by Leticia now, or does she drop in and out of character? Obviously she was pure Leticia in her interaction with Gerard ... though I'm not going to lie, after setting him up as the boogeyman, it's a bit disappointing to have him so easily put in his place by a woman from 1840. I guess we'll find out soon enough why he's at her mercy.

Christine: Back in Episode 1094, Caro-Leticia asked Gerard if he remembered how much Leticia used to 'please' him, and promised to do more of the same. Perhaps that has something to do with him treating her a little nicer than everyone else.

John: Sure, Barnabas, pile on the references to the man clearly responsible for Maggie's condition. The more you say it, the more I'm convinced that our next vampire in Collinwood will be our old pal Roxanne.

Christine: It could be that he assumed only a male vampire would put the bite on a woman, as established by past precedent, so he is certainly in for a shock when he finds out his parallel squeeze is the vampire! The question is, will it be a pleasant or unpleasant surprise for him? Perhaps a little ménage-à-vampire with Roxanne and Maggie is something he never imagined possible in his wildest dreams.

John: A little bit of phantom of the opera in that silhouette in Maggie's room. A small enough figure to be Roxanne, but she obviously had the day off, so I'm assuming whoever we saw today was just a stand-in, and we can expect to get the real deal tomorrow. Finally!

Christine: The cloaked figure is played by Liliane Sandor, which happens to be the only role she is credited for in IMDb. I wonder if Julia keeps bottles of blood on hand to feed Barnabas, which would explain why we don't see him out dining on the docks anymore, and also how she was able to have just the right blood type to transfuse Maggie at the ready. It would be kind of fun to see him chug a bottle.

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