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Dark Shadows Episode 1106 9/21/70

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After sunrise, Julia and Willie arrive at the crypt. They expect to find someone guarding the coffin, but no one is there when they arrive. Willie considers if it were Barnabas' coffin, and they were two other people. Julia tells him not to think that, and opens the coffin. She looks inside and is shocked by what she sees—Roxanne! 

Willie asks who she is, and Julia says it's the woman Barnabas thinks that he loves. Willie says they've got to do it now, and prepares to stake her. Julia stops him. Willie reminds her that Barnabas says it doesn't matter who it was. Julia says they can't do it without his knowing. Willie says that Maggie will die if they don't, and that Barnabas won't blame them. He offers to take the blame. He tells Julia to leave, and let him do it. She refuses. She asks him to close the coffin. She tells him to go and find Quentin. Willie is disappointed in Julia. He tells her that she knows they'll never get this chance again.

Sebastian is in the old house, looking through the locked door to the basement. Julia arrives and asks him what he's doing. He asks if he's committing a crime. He says he just let himself in. Julia checks the basement door. She asks what he wants. 

He suggests that they talk honestly about Maggie. He asks why she keeps Maggie at Collinwood. She asks what he knows about what has happened to Maggie. He says he saw her this morning, and didn't realize how weak she was. He asks if she can be doing more for her. He suggests that Maggie might be better off elsewhere. She accuses him of being in love with her. She asks him how Roxanne is, and he says she's fine. He asks for Maggie's permission to sit with Maggie tonight. She refuses. He says Maggie has got to live, and she agrees with that. He leaves, and Willie comes in. He says Quentin is is outside with it, and asks if they should bring it in now.

Sebastian goes to the crypt and finds Roxanne's coffin is missing.

Julia and Willie are in the secret room in the old house with Roxanne's coffin. Willie says Quentin thought they did the right thing. Julia says Sebastian will find the coffin missing. Willie says they can chain the coffin shut. He suddenly recalls leaving the hammer and stake in the crypt, and Julia tells him to go get it.

Sebastian finds the stake and mallet, and realizes they weren't used, meaning that Roxanne is still alive. He hears someone enter the crypt and hides. Willie comes in and finds the stake and mallet. he grabs them and leaves. Sebastian comes out of hiding.

Willie and Julia finish chaining up Roxanne's coffin. He asks how they're going to tell Barnabas. He asks Julia to be the one to tell him. Barnabas comes upstairs and asks if it's done. Willie hesitates, and Julia says they opened the coffin. He asks who was in it, and they said they brought it to the secret room. He asks why they're afraid to tell him who's in it, and Julia explains that it's Roxanne. He says it can't be, and goes to the secret room. He tells them to unchain it, and Willie does. Julia asks if it would have been better if they did what he asked. 

He tells them to leave him alone. He opens the coffin. Roxanne sits up and tries to attack him. Julia comes in with a cross. Barnabas runs away, and Roxanne groans. Julia places the cross on her and Willie shuts it and chains it up. Julia asks what he's going to do. He says he has to explain that he wants to help her. He says once she realizes they're the same, he might be able to control her. He reminds Julia that she saved their lives at Rose Cottage. Julia says if they could help her, she could have helped him. He wonders what curse changed her. Julia holds up the stake, and says it's the solution for he and Maggie. He throws it into the fireplace. She says Sebastian will find her. He says he has feelings that he cannot ignore. He tells Julia and Willie to leave the house. He says he must see Roxanne alone, and goes back into the secret room.

Sebastian sneaks into the old house.

Standing over Roxanne's coffin, Barnabas thinks about how long he's wanted a bride like him. He opens the secret panel leaves the house. Sebastian comes out of the shadows, grabs the mallet, and opens the secret panel. Inside the secret room, he uses the mallet to break the chains, and opens the coffin. He points a gun at Roxanne's chest. 

Our thoughts: 

John: So, do you think anyone was actually surprised by the reveal of Roxanne as the other vampire? Perhaps if you haven't been watching every day.

Christine: Even Julia admitted that she should have known. While it was predictable, it was still an enjoyable reveal. I like how Julia stressed that Roxanne was the woman Barnabas "thinks" he loves. She knows that she is the one he truly loves.

John: It didn't look like Sebastian got a look at Willie when he returned to the crypt, but I guess we can assume that he did, since he came right to the old house. Maybe seeing the mallet in Barnabas' house confirmed it for him.

Christine: Well, he is clairvoyant, so maybe he didn't need to get a look at him to know. 

John: Well that ending was unexpected! Sure, it was established that Sebastian had stepped into the Willie role of having fallen in love with his boss' latest victim, Maggie, and wanting to protect her. But why would he bring a gun in place of a stake? Roxanne is clearly not meant to die—yet!

Christine: A gun doesn't require any physical contact and can be used from a safer distance. One way or another, it seems like we may end up checking off the last clue on the Catastro-tracker.

Dark Shadows Before I Die Catastro-tracker

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