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Dark Shadows Episode 789 - 7/3/69

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Judith is playing cards when Evan enters. She tells him that he's the one. Evan doesn't understand. She picks up a knife. She tells him that he made Tim poison her. She approaches him, knife raised, poised to strike.

She says he planned it with her husband. Edward comes in just in time to grab the knife from her. Judith asks Edward what's happening, and why Evan is there. Edward says she tried to kill Evan with the letter opener. He offers to call a doctor and she says she's alright. Edward asks Evan to stay as he leads Judith up to her room.

Evan pours himself a drink. Trask arrives and asks Evan where he has been for the past 24 hours. Evan tells him that his wife thinks she's his first wife, and she accused him of being responsible for her death. He says she seems to have recovered, but if she relapses they could be in trouble. Trask says they must put Minerva's ghost to rest. Evan says that even though Minerva is dead, Judith fears her. He adds that if they can bring his first wife back, she can haunt Judith. Evan also confirms that Judith's will now has Trask the master of Collinwood if anything happens to her. Evan says that he wants to be taken care of. Trask says he won't promise anything yet. Evan tells him to come to his house this evening, with a photo of his first wife. He tells him that if all goes according to plan, Judith won't be a problem, and he will be a very rich man.

Edward comes downstairs looking for Hanley. Trask says he left. Edward tells Trask that he wants to have his sister's marriage annulled. Trask tells Edward that he loves his sister, and will do everything in his power to ensure that she is well and happy. He leaves Edward and goes upstairs.

There's a knock at Judith's door, but no one is there when she answers. She closes it and goes to sit down when the knocking resumes. Once again, she opens the door to find no one there. Again, after closing the door the knocking resumes. She asks who it is, and Trask says that it's him. She tells him that she's glad he's home. Trask mentions that Edward is concerned over Judith's state of mind. She says she had a bad dream. Trask tells her that she mustn't be afraid, and she says she won't be as long as he's with her. He tells her he has to make a trip to the school, but will then be back with her.

Evan reviews several books as Trask sits in a chair, brooding. Evan asks him what's wrong. Trask points out that it's obvious he wouldn't be comfortable with this sort of thing. Evan asks for the picture of Minerva, and when Trask does, Evan says they will create a hallucination—a black ghost of Minerva. Evan says that Trask will need to be with Judith at the time, and as Evan sets the photo on fire, the apparition will appear. Evan tells him that he will begin the ritual at 8:30.

Edward comes downstairs as Trask returns to Collinwood. Edward says Judith has calmed down a bit. Trask starts upstairs, but Edward asks to speak to him in the drawing room first.

Evan conjures the false spirit of Minerva, asking it to appear before Judith Collins. He sets the photo on fire.

In Judith's room, the ghost of Minerva appears. Judith screams.

Edward tells Trask the most disturbing thing about Judith's behavior was accusing Evan of Minerva's murder. Judith runs downstairs calling for Gregory. Edward asks her what's wrong. Trask asks to speak to Judith alone, and he takes her into the drawing room. He asks her why she lied to Edward when she said nothing was wrong. She tells him that she saw Minerva's spirit in her room. Trask dismisses it as her imagination. He tells her Minerva would be happy about their union.

He pours her a brandy, and Judith says 'she's' in the room with them. He looks and sees her in a chair, knitting. He tells Judith they're alone in the room. He asks her to look at him. He reminds her of what he said earlier about being afraid. He says she should be thinking about their future, not Minerva. he tells her to turn around and tell him what she sees. She sees Minerva, but tells Trask that she doesn't. Judith asks for the brandy, and downs it.

Trask tells her to repeat that she is Mrs. Trask. He sends her up to her room. She asks if he'll be joining her, and he says he has things to do. He asks her if she's afraid, and she says she's not. She looks back at Minerva once more, who looks back at her. She then heads upstairs. Minerva follows her. At the top of the stairs, Judith turns and tells her not to come any closer.

Our thoughts

John: I thought Edward might raise the stakes in his fight to end Trask's marriage to Judith, but other than suggesting that it should be annulled, he was pretty soft. Of course, if he's working with Evan on the legal side, maybe he thinks he has an airtight case.

Christine: Hopefully the real ghost of Minerva will step in to protect Judith when all is said and done.

John: It is interesting to see Evan and Trask working together. Hard to imagine that relationship working well for either of the two men. I guess as long as they have enough dirt on each other, both will be safe.

Christine: Trask is a wolf in sheep's clothing, which may make him even more foul than Evan, who doesn't pretend to be good. It will be interesting to see who cuts whose throat first, though Evan may have the upper hand with the Hand of Count Petofi.

John: I like the black ghost of Minerva! Like Quentin, the most frightening ghosts on the show aren't the ones with dangling eyeballs - it's those that don't do much—they just stare at you.

Christine: I think the ghost we saw following Judith up the stairs was the real ghost, since the black ghost who appeared in her room was transparent and didn't move. Making eye contact with an unsmiling ghost is quite chilling. Dangling eyeballs aren't necessarily as terrifying, but still appreciated.

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