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Dark Shadows Episode 284 - 7/27/67

While waving a flashlight in her eyes, Julia repeatedly asks Maggie who Sarah Collins is. Maggie says she doesn't know. She says her friends name was Sarah. Julia asks if there was someone in the graveyard who would hurt her, and what that person's name is. Julia says their name is Collins, and Maggie screams, "No!"

Woodard meets with Julia in Collinsport and says he can't believe she brought Maggie here. She asks Woodard to introduce her to the Collins family as a historian. He asks if she suspects one of the Collins family members was responsible for abducting Maggie. She refuses to go into detail, and Woodard agrees to introduce her to the Collins family. Woodard asks her how far from ordinary she thinks Maggie's case is? Julia says that 'unearthly' is incorrect.

Julia visits Collinwood, and Vicki lets her in. She apologizes that Liz is not available to meet her because she's busy. Vicki was excited to hear she was interested in researching the family. She says Julia should talk to Liz, or better yet Barnabas. David walks in, and Vicki introduces him to Julia. Vicki sends him upstairs to work on his schoolwork. David says he was hoping to see Sarah. Julia asks if she means Sarah Collins, and Vicki says it's a local girl. David says he doesn't know her last name. He goes upstairs, and Julia asks if Vicki thinks Sarah is real. She then asks about meeting Barnabas, and Vicki fills her in on him. She says that she could live in one particular room - Josette's room. Julia recognizes the name, and asks if Vicki will take her to meet him, as she'd really like to see the room. Vicki says she has a feeling that the two of them will get along well.

Inside the old house, Vicki lets Doctor Hoffman into Josette's room. She asks who the man was that didn't want to let them in, and Vicki says that was Willie. Julia spots the portrait of Josette, and Vicki points out Josette's dress that she wore. Julia feels a chill. Vicki says the sun has just gone down. Julia asks to see the rest of the house, and Vicki says that Barnabas should be the one to do that. She only felt comfortable showing her Josette's room. Vicki lights some candles, which are immediately blown out. Julia says she felt the chill again, and suggests that they leave. She says she looks forward to returning when Barnabas is available.

Woodard asks Julia about her trip. She says she has nothing to report. Woodard reminds her that if she has any idea who the madman is, she's obligated to notify the authorities. She asks to speak to Maggie one more time before they return to Windfcliff.  Julia shows Maggie the doll, and recites Collins family names. When she says Sarah Collins, Maggie says that's her friend who gave her a doll. When she gets to, "My name is Barnabas Collins," Maggie flips out. Julia tells her it's the wrong name and gives her the doll. While Maggie sings London Bridge, Hoffman says it's the wrong name for the doll, and the right name for something else.

Our thoughts

John: Hoffman's techniques continue to be unorthodox, to say the least. I have got to give her credit, though. The old flashlight in the eyes while saying the same thing over and over again does seem to get results.

Christine: Her antagonistic relationship with Dr. Woodard is certainly interesting. She obviously doesn't trust him, since she continues to hold back information from him, and she completely dominates him, getting him to do whatever she asks. Her canary eating grin when she gets him to agree to introduce her as a historian to the Collins family is especially precious. I think it's been quickly established that Dr. Julia Hoffman is a badass.

John: Ouch! Vicki basically calls David stupid because he had trouble with his Geography lesson! Must be one of the benefits of not being a public school teacher.

Christine: She said, "David, anyone who did what you did in geography today shouldn't call anyone else dumb." Vicki is obviously not a trained teacher. I'm wondering why they're having a fire in the drawing room today. Isn't it summertime in Collinsport?

John: So Hoffman now knows there's something about Barnabas. Can't wait for them to finally meet!

Christine: It will be a treat to see Barnabas meet his match. I wonder if they'll get along as well as Vicki thinks they will.

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