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Dark Shadows Episode 278 - 7/19/67

Willie doesn't believe that the Collins family accepted Barnabas' request to come to a costume party. Barnabas explains that they already have, and tells Willie to get the trunk full of his ancestors' clothes. Willie brings the trunk to Josette's room. Barnabas describes the 100+ year-old clothes as being in the same condition as when they were last worn. Willie tells Barnabas that he shouldn't invite Vicki to the party. Barnabas explains that she is considered part of the family, and it would be rude not to include her. Willie asks if Barnabas plans for her to dress as Josette, and he confirms that is his plan.

Barnabas stops by the main house to ask Liz if he can borrow Vicki to help pick out clothes for the party. Vicki is thrilled by the opportunity, and Liz agrees to let her go. Liz then tells Barnabas she's having second thoughts. Vicki implores her to reconsider. Liz describes her discomfort trying to get so close to the past. Barnabas tells Liz that if she wishes it, the party need not be a costume party. Vicki expresses sadness that she won't have an opportunity to wear one of Josette's dresses. Liz feels bad about Vicki's disappointment, and once again agrees to go along with it.

At the old house, Sarah plays in Josette's room as Barnabas and Vicki come upstairs. She disappears before they enter.

Vicki is in awe of Josette's room. Barnabas seems distant, and Vicki asks what is the matter. He seems to feel the presence of someone, and Vicki does too. He shows her the clothing in the trunk, and she falls in love with the dress Josette is wearing in her portrait. She says it's far too elegant, and he tells her that's all the more reason that it should be hers. She describes him as being from a different time. She then says if she could wear dresses like this all the time, she'd be very happy, and very vain. She picks out a dress for Carolyn belonging to Millicent Collins. Vicki pulls out something for Roger, and Barnabas describes it as being Jeremiah's, not Joshua's. Vicki doesn't understand how he'd know whose clothes they are, and he suggests it's from viewing their portraits. She finds a little girl's dress, which would have been Barnabas' little sister. He speaks sadly of her, which Vicki picks up on. Vicki laments not knowing her family. Barnabas tells her that if she becomes Josette, her lineage will all be hers. Vicki questions becoming Josette, and Barnabas explains that he means for the evening of the party.

Vicki tells Liz that Willie will bring the clothes over in the morning, except for her dress, which she couldn't bear to let go of. She describes how Barnabas describes the past as if he experienced it, as opposed to someone who learned about it.

Barnabas stares at Josette's portrait as he plays her music box. Willie comes in, and Barnabas tells him to bring the clothes they set aside to the main house in the morning. Willie sees Sarah's dress, and mentions that it's the kind of dress the girl he saw outside the house was wearing. Barnabas doesn't believe him. He tells Willie to come with him, and after they leave the room Sarah reappears and picks up the dress, excited to have found her blue dress.

Our thoughts

John: While I'm open to the idea of a costume party, like Liz, I think it's really weird for them to wear the clothes of their long dead ancestors. That may seem fine to someone who slept in the same outfit in a coffin for 100 years. Fortunately the clothes that were saved appear to be the one outfit each family member was immortalized in when their portrait was painted.

Christine: Willie may have been right to be concerned about Barnabas hosting a costume party of long lost relatives. He continues to slip up in talking about the Collins' ancestors as though he knew them personally. It's funny to see his consternation when Vicki pulls out Jeremiah's clothes and notes that he was Josette's husband.

John: Anyone else thinking that David is not going to be too excited about wearing Sarah Collin's blue dress?

Christine: Ha ha! Perhaps Barnabas will dig up one of his old school boy uniforms for David to wear. Since Sarah was able to switch her cap in favor of a headband today, she may be able to reclaim her blue dress to wear, and perhaps put in an appearance at the party.

John: Vicki sure seems like the ideal candidate to be Barnabas' new Josette. We'll see how long that lasts.

Christine:  I love Barnabas' creepy smile when Vicki says it will please her to come as Josette.

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