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Dark Shadows Episode 267 - 7/4/67

Liz stands on the cliff at Widows' Hill. Barnabas sneaks up on her and grabs her from behind, causing her to scream. He apologizes, saying he saw a figure on the edge and was concerned she might be startled by him and fall. He explains that he finds Widow's Hill interesting, as a place where life ends and death began. They discuss death, and Barnabas comes across as some sort of expert on the subject. Barnabas says that someone about to be married shouldn't be thinking about such things. He explains that he doesn't want to see her suffer. She tells him she can solve her problems, and she doesn't need any help with the solution to her problem. She tells him he has helped her decide what to do, and while Barnabas doesn't fully understand her, she looks to the rocks below the cliff.

Barnabas escorts Liz to the house, and she thanks him for his assistance. As she goes upstairs, David enters and calls to her. She doesn't respond to him, and he asks Barnabas why she didn't answer him. Barnabas explains she's got a lot on her mind. David says he hasn't been by the old house, and Barnabas says that his little girl friend has been. He asks David to tell her not to. David says he doesn't really play with her, and tells Barnabas that she likes to sing London Bridge. Barnabas reacts to that, and asks David to tell her not to play by the old house if he sees her again. Barnabas asks about Vicki, and David tells him she's in the drawing room.

Barnabas steps in to see Vicki. He tells her how anyone who comes in contact with her is extremely fortunate. He tells her of his concern for Liz, having found her ready to jump off the cliff at Widow's Hill. Vicki is shocked. She can't believe Liz would do anything so rash. He apologizes for alarming her, explaining that he felt she was the best person for him to tell. He suggests that they spend more time together soon. As he prepares to leave, she tells him she's leaving too, to have dinner with Burke Devlin. Barnabas subtly recoils at the news, and says Devlin is an interesting man.

Burke throws down a drink at The Blue Whale. He checks his watch, and gets another drink. He goes to make a call when Vicki enters. She apologizes for being late. Burke is upset he lost his dime in the pay phone. Vicki tells him he got his money's worth because he went to call her and she showed up. They begin dancing. She thanks him for inviting her out, and tells him she needed to get out of the house. Burke tells her she should come to work or him. He'd prefer she left the job at Collinwood. She tells him that she's needed now more than ever before. She tells him Liz is not being herself. She says that Mrs. Johnson and Barnabas have both found her near the edge of the cliff at Widow's Hill. Burke can't believe she'd commit suicide. He tells Vicki if he knew what Jason had over Liz, he could help her out. Vicki lets on that she knows more than she's said, and Burke presses her for details. Vicki excuses herself, and says she has to get back to the house.

David finds his aunt in the drawing room. After he enters, she gets up to leave, heading upstairs. She doesn't respond to Vicki as she passes her in the foyer. She finds David in the drawing room. He's looking at the Collins history book that Liz was reading when he entered. Vicki sees Liz' date of birth listed, with a space below for the date of death.

Our thoughts

John: While 'New Burke' isn't Mitchell Ryan, he's much better than I was expecting. And it sure seems like his relationship with Vicki has advanced offscreen.

Christine: He does seem to be more affectionate with Vicki. Barnabas was also working his charm on Vicki today. I liked the unhappy look on his face when Vicki said she had a date with Burke. I also enjoyed the way it appeared that Barnabas was about to push Liz off the cliff in the opening scene.

John: Liz hasn't been this catatonic since she was under Laura Collins' spell. I don't think she's seriously considering a swan dive off of Widows' Hill, but I do wish we had some idea as to her plans to marry (or pull the rug out from under) Jason McGuire.

Christine: Like Roger, I'm hoping Barnabas will be able to help resolve the situation.

John: Now that Vicki has let on that she's privy to Liz' secrets, how long until someone else becomes aware of Paul Stoddard's fate?

Christine: It's only a matter of time.

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