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Dark Shadows Episode 273 - 7/12/67

Burke and the sheriff pull a crate out of the ground in the basement. The sheriff takes a crowbar to the lock on the crate, and then Burke helps him lift it open. They stare into it, and then at each other.

Roger asks Liz why she didn't tell him the truth, and she blames it on pride. Roger admits that had he known, he might have used it against her the same way Jason did. Liz expresses concern that she's lost Carolyn. Burke and the sheriff come into the room, and Liz asks if they found the trunk. He says they did when the phone rings. It's news for the sheriff that Jason McGuire has been caught. He tells his deputies to bring Jason to the house. Roger is appalled. Liz asks if she has to identify the body, and she's told that won't be necessary. The sheriff tells Roger he's got some specific questions for Jason, which is why he wants him brought to the house. The sheriff explains that the trunk they dug up in the basement, that Jason buried Paul Stoddard in, was empty. Liz can't believe it.

The group makes their way downstairs, as Liz wants to see for herself. She's shocked, and begins to rave about her nightmares, and how she's locked herself in the house for the past 18 years. She wants to know what happened to Paul's body. The sheriff asks how she knows she killed Paul. She says she never saw Paul after McGuire checked on him, but she was sure she killed him. They hear footsteps outside. Burke and the deputy escort Jason in. The sheriff opens the trunk, and Jason says he's never seen it before. Liz demands Jason to tell her what happened to Paul. The sheriff says that Jason might as well tell them everything. He asks to speak to Liz alone for a moment. Roger says it's out of the question. Jason says he has nothing to say to anyone other than Liz. They agree to go upstairs to speak privately.

Roger, Burke and the sheriff talk in the foyer. Roger suggests Jason will be able to bend Liz to his will.

Liz asks Jason if what he's told her is the truth, and he says it is. He tells her to call in the sheriff. She invites them into the drawing room.

She tells them she did not kill Paul Stoddard. He was only stunned. The sheriff asks what happened. Jason said when he entered the room, Paul was rubbing his head. He told him he was a fool for trying to take so much money. They split the money Liz gave them to bury the trunk. Roger asks where Paul is, and Jason says he hasn't spoken to him in 10 years, since he last saw him in Hong Kong. Jason tries to excuse himself, and Burke stands in his way. The sheriff tells Jason he's coming with him. Liz tells him she agrees to drop all charges. Despite that, Roger asks the sheriff to arrest him. Liz says she just wants to be rid of him. Even Burke agrees with Liz.

The sheriff gives Jason until sunup to get out of Collinsport. Burke manages to get in a threat as well. Jason asks that they give him until tomorrow evening to get out of town. The sheriff reluctantly agrees. Jason thanks Liz for everything, and then leaves.

Jason approaches the old house.

Our thoughts

John: Did Roger just tell his sister that he would have blackmailed her the way Jason did?

Christine: That's a crazy piece of dialogue. I find it difficult to believe that Roger would have blackmailed her for some new suits and a Swiss bank account. While they may not get along, he has shown true affection for his sister, and offered to support her when he suspected she was being blackmailed. Plus, knowledge of her crime gives him the satisfaction of knowing she can't look down on him for setting Burke up to take the blame for his manslaughter charge. 

John: Well, I'm honestly a bit disappointed to have been right about Paul Stoddard. It was a mystery I didn't expect would ever get resolved, so finding out that Jason and Paul had conspired to fake his death was a bit underwhelming. The one thing that remains unaddressed was the connection between Liz and Vicki at the foundling home, and whether Paul had anything to do with that.

Christine: I liked that we found out the trunk was empty. It leaves open the possibility that deadbeat dad, Paul Stoddard, might return to Collinwood someday. Liz's stunned reaction when she realized she shut herself in and tortured herself for 18 years was worth the price of admission.

John: While it's disappointing to see Jason weasel his way out of trouble (again), here's hoping that Barnabas will have a chance to say goodbye to him in person...

Christine: A meetup between Jason and Barnabas could make for an exciting Friday episode.

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  1. Nice little moment towards the end of this episode, when Louis Edmonds slightly flubs his line and can barely keep a straight face. Looks like the others are stifling a smile as well.