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Dark Shadows Episode 285 - 7/28/67

Vicki sits in her room listening to Josette's music box. Carolyn knocks at the door and calls to her. She eventually realizes Carolyn is there and invites her in. She says she was thinking about Maggie. She says she thought she saw her the other day, and Carolyn reminds her that Maggie is dead.

She describes seeing her at the cemetery. Carolyn asks why she was at the cemetery, and Vicki says it was Josette's birthday, and she wanted to put flowers on her grave. Carolyn suggests that Vicki still seems to be under the influence of the party, and particularly the seance. Carolyn says she should forget all about it. She compares her seeing Maggie to her seeing the little girl at the party. Carolyn then tells her that Burke has been downstairs for 30 minutes to take her out. Vicki is reluctant to go. Carolyn asks about Josette's music box, and Vicki tells her that Barnabas gave it to her. She plays it for Carolyn, who says it's not like her to just sit and listen to a music box. She tells Carolyn to let Burke know she'll be right down. After Carolyn leaves, she opens the music box again and begins brushing her hair.

Downstairs, Burke and Barnabas are speaking. Carolyn comes in and is surprised to find Barnabas. He came to see Vicki. Carolyn says she'll be right down. Burke says they have a date, and Barnabas says he has a gift for her. He brought a book for her. Carolyn looks at it, and asks him if he thinks it's good to be so tied up in the past. Burke says that he thinks Vicki's getting too tied up in the past. Carolyn asks if Barnabas knows where Vicki went the other day. Burke says they went to the cemetery to put flowers on Josette's grave. Barnabas thinks it was a nice gesture. Burke says that the seance was a bad idea, but so was everyone getting dressed up in those costumes. Burke says now Vicki is seeing things. The little girl at the party, and Maggie Evans in the cemetery. Barnabas is shocked. He asks if Burke saw it too, and Burke says of course not. Barnabas says she couldn't have seen Maggie any more than she had seen the little girl on the stairs.

Vicki asks Barnabas if he saw Mrs. Stoddard, and he says he came to see her. Vicki asks if it's about Ms. Hoffman, and Barnabas asks if that's the woman she brought to the house. Barnabas is not enthusiastic about sharing the family history outside of the family. Vicki asks him to at least consider it. He starts to leave, and Vicki asks if the book in his hand is from his library. He says it's of little importance, but she asks if she can see it. He says she can come by to see the entire collection sometime. She opens the book and notices that it's inscribed to her. She asks if he was going to leave without giving it to her, and Burke says it's his fault. Barnabas says Burke felt she's become too enamored with the past. Burke tells her she should get off the history kick. Barnabas attempts to excuse himself, and Vicki stops him to thank him for the book. After he leaves, Burke asks if she's ready to go. She says she's not sure she wants to go out. Burke says she needs a good time. She says she'd like to stay home, and he says he's angry that she'd rather stay home with a book. They say goodnight and he leaves.

At the old house, Barnabas looks out as a storm approaches. There's a knock at the door, and he asks who it is. It's Vicki, so he lets her in. She apologizes for herself, Carolyn and Burke. Barnabas explains that it's not necessary. She tells him that she loves having it, and asks for his forgiveness. She starts to leave before the storm comes, and he asks if she'll stay. She says she would like to speak more, and possibly help Ms. Hoffman with her research. Barnabas won't let her leave now that the storm has started. She apologizes for getting stuck there. He tells her to forgive him for being delighted. He waxes poetic about the house being built for storms; lit by lightning and thunder echoing down the corridors. He tells her that if she needs to rest, Josette's room is available. Barnabas smiles looking over her shoulder as Vicki looks upstairs, smiling.

Our thoughts

John: Doctor Devlin is in the house. His prescription: A good time. Good and loud. Nice try, Burke! Looks like Vicki is going to go with the more sophisticated approach offered up by Barnabas—A storm. Good and loud!

Christine: Burke's a real sourpuss today. Why would Vicki want to go out with him when he's being so unpleasant and overbearing?

John: Well, we can pretty much see that Julia is going to get her hooks in Collinwood by way of Vicki. She's pretty lucky, considering had she initially met any other family member she would have no doubt been rebuffed.

Christine: Vicki will also be lucky to have Julia around as an outlet to indulge her interest in the Collins family history, since Carolyn and Burke are both overreacting and trying to put the kibosh on it. 

John: So after all his failed efforts with Maggie, Vicki is all but tripping over herself to become the new Josette. How could this go wrong for BC?

Christine: Just wait until surly Burke finds out that she shacked up at the Old House for the night with Barnabas instead of spending an evening in his grumpy company. It's all quite improper. Will Barnabas take advantage or resist temptation?

"Don't forget...Josette's room is ready at all times." -Barnabas

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