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Dark Shadows Episode 279 - 7/20/67

Carolyn picks up an old dress lying on her bed. Vicki comes into her room wearing Josette's dress, and asks Carolyn to bind up her back. Carolyn says if she didn't know her, she'd swear Vicki was Josette Collins. Vicki gets a strange feeling when Carolyn says that. She says it's as if she's worn the dress before. Carolyn says she felt like an intruder when she put Millicent's dress on. Carolyn admits that she is excited that her mother is going to a party for the first time in 18 years. Vicki tells Carolyn that she's proud that for at least one night, she'll be a member of the Collins family. She says the name Victoria Collins, and then says it has to be Josette Collins.

Barnabas checks in on Willie, who is cleaning up for the party. Willie confirms that he delivered the costumes. Barnabas explains that things must not go wrong that night.

Burke arrives at the main house to see Vicki. He asks Carolyn if she's gotten the motorcycle business out of her system. She agrees that she has, and thanks him for his help with her mother. Vicki walks in, and Burke asks her out to dinner tomorrow night. She explains that she can't, because she's going to Barnabas' party tomorrow. She tells Burke about the costume party. When she explains she's going as Josette, Burke says he doesn't like that. Burke reminds Vicki of the seance, where Josette spoke through her. Vicki wonders if Burke could be invited. He appreciates the thought, but says he doesn't have any business at a family party. She convinces Burke to drive her down to the old house so she can ask Barnabas.

Willie continues his clean-up when there's a knock at the door. Vicki asks to speak to Barnabas. She asks if Willie will be wearing a costume. He says he's not sure what Mr. Collins has in mind. She praises him on his work on the old house, and says he deserves recognition for that. He thanks her and points out that sometimes people never get what they deserve, and there are things they get that they don't deserve.

Barnabas walks in and says he's dedicated to seeing that people get what they deserve. He gives Willie a break so he can speak to Vicki. She says she can't stay long, as there's someone waiting for her in the car, but she wants to ask him something. He asks if all of the costumes fit, and that everyone is coming. She confirms that they're all set, and then asks if she could invite an additional guest—Burke Devlin. He asks why she'd want to ask him. She says she had a previous engagement with him when invited to Barnabas' party. She says since she made an exception for her, it would mean a lot for him to make one for Burke. Barnabas says he could portray Jeremiah Collins, who built Collinwood and was married to Josette. Barnabas says Burke is cordially invited, and his costume will be delivered in the morning. He says goodnight to her, and calls her Josette. She points out that tomorrow night, in costume, he'll look just like his ancestor.

Vicki leaves, and Barnabas tells Willie that Burke Devlin will be coming to the party as well. He explains that Burke Devlin will portray his worst enemy, who he would have destroyed given the chance. Tomorrow night, he says he might finally have that opportunity.

Our thoughts

John: The Collins family doesn't seem to mind ghosts, but the clothes of their ancestors seem to creep them out. Carolyn takes a page out of her mother's playbook, waffling on attending Barnabas' party in costume.

Christine: They're just building us up to anticipate a paranormal event in tomorrow's episode. 

John: This episode contains perhaps my favorite Barnabas flub: "That night, must go, nothing wrong."

Christine: Sounds like inspiration for Yoda-speak. He must be nervous about hosting this party. Barnabas says it will be the most important night of his life. I realize he's been locked in a coffin for more than 100 years, but did he not have much going on before that, or is he just being a bit of a drama queen?

John: Isn't it rather forward of Vicki to invite Burke to the party? If she only knew about the rivalry between Jeremiah and Barnabas Collins, she might not have been so eager to do so...

Christine: It certainly was gauche, though it should make for a lively evening watching the alpha males compete for dominance, with Vicki as the prize.

Vicki tells Burke that this is the portrait of Joshua Collins, 
but it was identified as Benjamin Collins in Episode 59
This portrait used to hang in the foyer.

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