Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 282 - 7/25/67

Maggie tells Julia Hoffman that she doesn't remember anything. Hoffman asks her to remember sensory things; those things that made her happy or sad. Maggie describes music, a tinkling sound.

Vicki listens to Josette's music box and smiles. Liz walks in on her and asks what it is. Vicki tells her that it's the loveliest music box she's ever seen. She said it was a gift from Barnabas, and asks if Liz minds if she accepted it, since it's a Collins' family heirloom. Liz says she has no problem with that. When she says it belonged to Josette, Liz says she's been getting a lot of Josette Collins lately. Liz asks how she's feeling, and Vicki says she's fine. Liz brings up how Vicki thought she saw a little girl last night, and Vicki says that must have been from seeing Sarah Collins' dress with the costumes.

Hoffman asks Maggie to describe the music. She asks Maggie to try to hear the music. She says it frightens her. Maggie also describes a sweet aroma. She says it frightens her, too. Hoffman asks her to close her eyes and describe what she sees. Maggie describes a gravestone in a cemetery.

Vicki returns Josette's dress to the old house. Willie shows her into Josette's room. She lays it on the bed. She asks if Barnabas is home, and Willie says he's out. Vicki says she regrets mentioning the little girl, as it upset Barnabas and ruined the party. Willie explains that he's just strange about that stuff. He's shocked to hear Barnabas visited her last night and gave her Josette's music box. Willie is troubled to hear Vicki speak so fondly of Josette. He mentions that Barnabas thought they should have had the party tomorrow, on Josette's birthday.

Vicki asks Liz if she can take an hour to pay her respects to Josette on her birthday. Liz says she wishes she wouldn't. Liz is concerned Vicki is withdrawing from reality. Vicki says she'll ask Burke to join her, as she feels she has to put flowers on Josette's grave.

Julia tells Maggie that she made good progress today. She mentions the graves, and how Maggie was found in the graveyard early on. She suggests that if they return to the graveyard, it may help Maggie. Maggie begs not to be taken there.

Our thoughts

John: Liz is right. Vicki has disappeared deep down the Josette rabbit hole.

Christine: Is Liz really concerned that Vicki is withdrawing from reality, or more worried that her rapport with Josette might put her in a position of finding out that she truly is a Collins family member? 

John: Are we supposed to believe that Josette's music box has some supernatural power over the women who listen to it? First Maggie, now Vicki are transfixed by it.

Christine: Not a supernatural power so much as a hypnotic power. Willie warned Vicki not to listen to it for hours and hours, because he knows it's true.

John: While Maggie has made a lot of progress since we last saw her, Hoffman's methods are strange to say the least. But, if that's what it takes to get the two of them back to Collinwoord, so be it!

Christine: Maggie is getting her memory back, putting Barnabas at risk for being exposed. Dr. Hoffman wants to send Maggie back to the cemetery and Vicki wants to put flowers on Josette's grave. Will they cross paths tomorrow?

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