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Dark Shadows Episode 270 - 7/7/67

Carolyn ransacks Jason's room, looking for something anything that might show his true motives. She finds a diary, which she breaks the clasp on. As she starts to read, Jason walks in. She drops the book, and he tells her that soon she's going to regret being there. He tells her to pick it up and give it to him. He asked if she enjoyed it. She said she didn't get a chance to read it. He asks if she thought he would actually write down anything incriminating. He tells her that once they're married, he'll use his influence. He tells her he's going to kick her out of the house, tonight. She asks what he'll do if she won't go. He says he'll have her mother tell her to leave. Carolyn says she wouldn't, and Jason says that due to her mother's love and loyalty to him, she will. As she leave his room, he tells her goodbye.

Alone in The Blue Whale, Carolyn throws down a drink. She plays a song on the jukebox, and asks the bartender where everyone is? She says that it's a major holiday, since her mother is marrying Jason McGuire. She hears someone else enter the bar, and Joe walks in. He offers to take her home and she blows him off. He sits down, and she walks over and asks him to keep her company until her groom arrives. Joe tries to understand her, but she's drunk. He tells her there's nothing she can do about McGuire. He says marrying Buzz will probably satisfy Jason more than anyone else. She starts to leave for home, and Joe says he's taking her.

Carolyn reaches into Roger's desk drawer and retrieves the handgun.

Liz is dressed and prepared for the wedding. Vicki says it's not too late to call off the wedding. She asks if Carolyn is going to marry her boyfriend. She then says she needs some time to herself.

Roger is shocked to see Burke at the house for the wedding. Jason enters and explains that he invited him. Carolyn comes in with a small purse. She's also surprised to see Burke. Jason tells Carolyn that he's sure she's got plans for later, and clutching her purse, she reiterates that she does. The judge arrives and introduces himself to Jason. He says hello to everyone else present, and asks about Elizabeth. Vicki enters and says Liz will be right down. She's surprised to find Carolyn there.

Liz makes her way downstairs and hears the Judge describing Liz' wedding to Paul. Carolyn opens her purse, revealing the gun. Liz is pleased to see Carolyn. The Judge organizes things and they start the ceremony. Jason tells Liz to say, "I do," and she can't. The Judge asks her what's wrong, and she announces to the assembly that she killed Paul Stoddard, and that Jason was her accomplice. Carolyn drops the purse with the gun.

Our thoughts

John: Another epic Friday cliffhanger! The truth is finally out in the open. Where will things go from here???

Christine: FINALLY!!! Obviously, both Liz and Jason will be carted off to jail. Vicki is going too if it gets out that she knew about the murder and stayed silent. Of course, something ludicrous could happen to prevent all that. Even more surprising today was hearing Bartender Bob Rooney finally break his silence.

"Why don't you go home, Miss Stoddard? Don't you think you've had enough to drink?"

John: Jason's argument with Carolyn was more venomous than we've seen him before. But it certainly sets up Carolyn's decision to settle things with Roger's .38.

Christine: I was really hoping she was going to shoot him, though with her sprained wrist, she ran the risk of hitting her mom. I'm surprised to see that Jason keeps the same type of diary that teenage girls use. Did he confess his true feelings for Liz in it? Or was he complaining that Willie wasn't his best friend any more and that Barnabas is an icky person? Perhaps it will be used as evidence against him.

Dear Diary, I got back at meanie Carolyn today.

John: Where was David during all this? With Mrs. Johnson? And what about Barnabas? It seems odd to leave out those two... damn budgetary restrictions!

Christine: This was certainly not a day to skimp on the cast, since it doesn't ring true to have family members left out. What's truly odd is that another actress was used in the filming of Carolyn's hand getting the gun from the drawer. I wonder why they couldn't use Nancy Barrett's own hand.

Carolyn's hand played by Katherine Quint. Note the lack of Carolyn's hair, which she is wearing down today.

Christine: Incidentally, Bob Lloyd continues to announce that Anthony George is playing the part of Burke Devlin during the opening titles even though it's his fourth appearance. Is it an effort to get housewives to accept the fact that their beloved Mitch Ryan won't be coming back?

Here comes the bride.

Wedding accessories

Jason will be adding this moment to his diary.

What are the chances she'll hit Liz or Vicki?

Liz finally does what she should have done 20 episodes ago.

Professional wedding photography shot.

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