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Dark Shadows Episode 283 - 7/26/67

Woodard checks in on Julia Hoffman, who berates him for not trusting her. He says he's disturbed and frightened that she's not sharing information about Maggie with him.

She says he seems to be accusing her of malpractice. He says he's bombarded with questions from Sam and Joe, and he has nothing to tell them. She threatens that if he's not happy with her, he's welcome to find another doctor for Maggie. He apologizes and says that's not what he's after. Hoffman says she was thinking about taking Maggie somewhere that might jar her memory. She was thinking of taking her to Eagle Hill Cemetery. Woodard is alarmed by such a suggestion. She says she won't do that, and Woodard leaves. She then calls for Maggie to be brought in. Maggie says she was told they were going on a trip, and Julia escorts her out of the office.

Burke drops in on Vicki and invites her to go for a ride. She asks if he'd mind taking her to put flowers on the grave of a friend. Burke assumed she was talking about Maggie, and Vicki clarifies they're for Josette. Burke thinks she's crazy. Vicki shows Burke the music box Barnabas gave her. Vicki tells him that when she's listening to it, she feels like Josette is nearby. Burke slams the music box shut, and tells her it's not right that she gets caught up with the Collins' spooks. He tells her he won't take her to the grave, and she says she'll have to go herself. Burke agrees to take her, but only for a moment, and then they'll go on a nice drive and to dinner.

Julia leads Maggie through Eagle Hill Cemetery, asking if she recognizes anything. Maggie says she can't, and Julia tells her to try harder. Julia tells Maggie that she's been here before—she was found wandering in the graveyard. Maggie kneels before the tombstone of Josette Collins. Julia asks if she recognizes it, and Maggie says she does not. They hear voices and Julia leads her away.

Vicki and Burke search for the grave. Vicki says it may be near where the two women were standing.

Julia and Maggie leave as Burke and Vicki find the grave. She leaves the flowers, and is sad that the grave is lonely and desolate. Vicki points out that the graveyard is deserted other than the two women they saw.

Vicki says that one of the women turned around, and it was Maggie Evans. Burke tells her that Maggie is dead. She says she's sure it was Maggie, and Burke brings up the little girl she saw at Barnabas' party. Vicki is scared, and Burke says being in the graveyard doesn't help matters.

Julia and Maggie stop outside of the Collins family crypt. Maggie seems to recognize it and wants to leave, but Julia wants to know why it's familiar to her. They enter the crypt, and Julia asks Maggie if the name Collins means anything to her. She points out Sarah's marker, and says that's the same name as her little friend. Maggie says she needs to leave or he'll kill her. Julia tells her she's safe, and she leads her out of the crypt.

Our thoughts

John: So do you think Doctors' Woodard and Hoffman have more than just professional history? They sure behave like an ex-husband and wife. I did like how he was barely out the door before she called for Maggie to do what she had just told Woodard she wouldn't do.

Christine: Well, we know they're on a first name basis, except for when she's unhappy with him. It's masterful the way she lies to him outright and dominates him in a way that causes him to apologize to her more than once, despite his valid complaints. If they did have more than a professional relationship, it's clear she was the one who ended it.

John: Burke was a bit of a jerk, slapping the music box shut. I could understand if he was jealous of Barnabas, but he seems to be more jealous of Josette!

Christine: It could be that Burke the jerk is acting so nasty because he senses that her obsessive interest in Josette may bring her closer to Barnabas.

John: I guess a showdown at Eagle Hill, with Maggie, Vicki and Barnabas all arriving at Josette's grave was too much to ask for on a Wednesday afternoon, but considering that they're all still in the graveyard, we might see Maggie and Vicki reunited by Friday!

Christine: Let's hope so! More Collins' history revealed! Jeremiah buried Josette in what Burke notes was "a pitiful sort of grave" as revenge for feeling she deserted him by killing herself. Funny that Burke calls it "a petty revenge." He ought to know about that!

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