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Dark Shadows Episode 265 - 6/30/67

Dr. Julia Hoffman examines Maggie, having her follow simple commands. She has Maggie repeat her name, and then asks her to say her own name. Maggie clutches her face, unable to answer.

Sam is upset that he can't visit Maggie. Doctor Woodard tells him that Julia Hoffman isn't a particularly communicative woman. Sam asks why she hasn't given any update on Maggie's condition. The doctor reminds Sam that he said Dr. Hoffman was unusual. Sam asks if Maggie recognized the sketch of the girl who sent him to the beach, and the doctor says he hasn't heard anything. He tells Sam that Maggie is safe and under good care. Sam tells the doctor that he and Joe are going to go see Maggie. He asks the doctor to call ahead, and he refuses, as he says he's coming with them.

Joe drives Sam to Windcliff.

Julia Hoffman tells Woodard that she's not pleased to see him, nor Mr. Evans or Mr. Haskell. She has Sam and Joe sent into her office. Sam says they want to see his daughter. She explains that it could prove painful to them and to Maggie. Sam asks what she thinks might happen. She tells him that she doesn't know. She calls for a nurse to take them up to Maggie's room. After they're gone, she tells Woodard the result is going to be terrible. He asks why she's letting them see her, and she explains that hopefully they'll realize that they shouldn't meddle.

A nurse tells Maggie that her father and Joe Haskell are here to see her. Maggie sits holding her doll. She doesn't respond to either of them. Joe asks if she needs anything, and she gets up, dropping her doll, and going to the window. Sam offers her the doll, and Maggie takes it. He then reminds her of another doll she had as a girl. She starts singing London Bridge. She hesitates before singing the line, "lock her up." She gets upset and they try to calm her down. She screams and runs to the door. The nurse comes back in and suggests that Joe and Sam leave.

Dr. Hoffman says she needs time with Maggie. She asks if he has faith in her competence, and he assures her that he does. He asks if she's found anything indicating what's wrong with her. She says yes, but refuses to divulge more. He asks if she's shown her the sketch of the little girl, and she tells him all in good time. He then asks if she's checked her blood, and she says of course she has. She says she's come up with a more accurate diagnosis than he did, but won't tell him. She reiterates his description—an unholy union in her blood. She gets a call saying Sam and Joe have concluded their visit. Hoffman asks them to trust her. She says she'll let them know when it's advisable for them to visit. She says the poor, frightened child they saw was not his daughter. She asks Woodard if he has any more questions, and he says no.

On the drive back, Sam asks Joe what Woodard didn't want him to see. Was it Maggie, or Dr. Hoffman?

Hoffman asks Maggie what her name is. She said she knew it earlier. Maggie just sings London Bridge.

Our thoughts

John: Welcome, Dr. Julia Hoffman! Another staple from my Dark Shadows memories has finally arrived, I had no idea that it was Maggie would be responsible for her introduction, as all of my memories are of her somewhat interesting relationship with Barnabas. I look forward to her making it back to Collinwood and meeting the family, though by the sound of it, that might be a long way off while she treats Maggie's current condition.

Christine: Happy to have Dr. Hoffman finally arrive! Grayson Hall is a first rate actress and a wonderful addition to the cast.

John: The tests we see Dr. Hoffman running don't show Maggie in the same state we last did. She had regressed to a childlike state, yes, but she was otherwise normal. I wonder if Hoffman is doing experiments of her own that don't have anything to do with bringing Maggie back to normal.

Christine: It is strange that she is not happy to see her father and boyfriend. I hadn't considered the possibility that Dr. Hoffman's unorthodox treatment may be responsible. Interesting. There is definitely something fishy going on here.

Why are there no fish in Dr. Hoffman's tank?

John: So are we to assume that Dr. Woodard was in the trunk on the ride to and from Windcliff?

Christine: Maybe he was lying down in the back seat so he could watch the hypnotic sight of branches being repeatedly waved over the car through the back window.

Dr. Hoffman's treatment consists of continuously shining a light into Maggie's right eye.

Windcliff Sanitarium

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  1. I wondered how Dr. Woodard got there too. Perhaps he just drove his own car. YES! Grayson Hall finally enters the picture. Who knew at the time that she would stick around for the rest of the series? I also recognized Alice Drummond as the nurse. She later showed up in a lot of movies, including the original Ghostbusters in 1984.