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Episode 94 - 11/3/66

While Vicki and Frank are together in Bangor, Joe and Carolyn are together at The Blue Whale in Collinsport. Joe accuses Carolyn of pretending to have a good time. She tells Joe that Vicki saw the ghost of Bill Malloy. Joe asks Carolyn what's going on between them. Carolyn says she's sorry, and Joe says the last time she said she was sorry, she immediately turned on him again. She says she called him because she wanted to be with him more than anyone else. Joe asked if that was even more than Burke Devlin. Sam and Maggie arrive, and Carolyn invites them to join them. Maggie is uncomfortable, but they do.

Vicki and Frank have dinner in Bangor. Vicki tells her story. Frank says he'll do anything in his power to help her solve her problem.

Carolyn compliments Maggie's dress before she and Joe dance. While dancing, Joe asks Carolyn why she invited Maggie and her father to join then. Carolyn says she was being polite, and wanted Maggie to know there were no hard feelings. At the table, Sam tries to explain to Maggie that there's no chance of a future with Joe.

Frank says he'll start tracking down the Hanscombe's to see what he can find. Frank's father arrives, and tells his son that he's got an important case to work on in the morning. Frank invites his father to join them for a drink. He explains what he's offered to do for Vicki, and his father suggests to Vicki that she not get her hopes up.

Carolyn flirts with Joe, and Maggie explains she has to go. Sam says he wants to walk her home, but after he has another drink. Vicki comes up in conversation, and Carolyn explains that she's gone to Bangor, to get away after seeing Bill Malloy's ghost. Sam is very interested in the details about what Bill's ghost said to her. Carolyn said the ghost told her to stay away from Collinwood, as it's not safe for her there. Maggie suggests Vicki might be lonely in Bangor by herself, and Carolyn says she went with her intimate friend, Burke Devlin. Joe abruptly asks Carolyn to dance again to get her away from the table.

Joe calls Carolyn a liar. He says that once again she only called him because she was jealous of Vicki and Burke. Carolyn storms out on him, and as he chases after her, Maggie smiles.

Frank's father excuses himself, and before he leaves Frank asks to speak to him, asking if he has something against Vicki. His father says he has no problem with Frank's trying to help her, but he needs to remember Elizabeth Stoddard is their client—NOT Victoria Winters.

Sam orders another drink, and Maggie says he promised they'd leave three drinks ago. Sam explains that he needs the drink right now. Joe returns and joins them. He says he brought Caroline home. Sam asks Joe to see Maggie home, as he plans to take a long walk. Maggie apologizes for being foisted off on Joe. He says it's no problem, and says she's a nice girl for not asking about what happened with Carolyn. Maggie asks why Joe returned, and he explains he wanted to continue his lessons, and asks her to name all of the sails on a ship. She laughs and begins listing them all...

Our thoughts

John: Bob Cobert's greatest hits are back on the Blue Whale's jukebox.

Christine: Just like old times. Don't those catchy tunes just make you want to get up and dance and argue with your girlfriend?

John: How come the word orphan is avoided at all costs? Who refers to them as 'foundlings'?

Christine: An orphan refers to someone whose parents are dead, while a foundling refers to someone who was abandoned by parents that may still be alive. Vicki doesn't really know if her parents are alive or dead.

John: Have we finally seen the end of the Joe/Carolyn relationship? Now that it's clear to Joe that Carolyn only comes running to him when she's jealous, I think he's had enough of her. The only offenses on Maggie's record are the bad blonde wig she started with, and calling Vicki a jerk when they first met. But other than that, she's far less maintenance than Carolyn, so hopefully the change will do Joe some good, provided his job working for the Collins fishery isn't in jeopardy...

Christine: It's a soap opera, so I expect the relationship to go through its death throes before the last gasp. Joe's a glutton for punishment, so I don't think it's over yet.

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