Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Episode 112 - 11/29/66

Liz asks what is going on, and demands that Matthew let Vicki go. Vicki says Matthew killed Bill, and tried to kill her. Liz asks if that's true, and Matthew confirms it.

Liz says she can't believe it. Matthew explains that Bill's death was an accident. He was trying to protect the Collins family. Matthew says that he grabbed Bill, who slipped and fell off the cliff. She says she believes him. He asks Liz to protect him. She says Vicki won't tell the sheriff anything. Liz tells Vicki to go to the house, straight to her room and not to talk to anyone. Matthew refuses to let her go. Liz asks Matthew to trust her. He says he will, but he won't trust Vicki, and he won't let her leave his sight. Liz suggests that they all go to the main house, and Matthew asks who all is there. He says the sheriff is there. He moves to grab Liz and stops at the last minute. He turns and leaves them alone in his cottage.

Frank talks to the sheriff in the foyer when Liz and Vicki arrive. She explains that Matthew killed Bill, and threatened to kill her. Liz explains that she arrived just in time. Liz pours a brandy. Frank asks how she knew where Vicki was, and she explains that she didn't until Frank asked who might try to protect her. The sheriff asks for a complete accounting of what happened. She explains how she went to the old house looking for David, and Matthew pushed the stone decoration off the roof. She says she went to Matthew's cottage to call the sheriff, but he returned and wouldn't let her. She says they were talking about the car that almost hit her, and he let on how he knew what time that was. Once she realized that was him, she explained that he threatened to kill her until Mrs. Stoddard arrived. Liz picks up the story, explaining she told Matthew to let Vicki go. She describes Matthew's story about accidentally killing Bill. He thought Bill was going to make trouble for her, so he tried to protect her. The sheriff asks if he threatened Liz. Vicki says she thought he might try to kill Liz, but he did not. Liz leaves Vicki with Frank to go back to Matthew's cottage with the sheriff.

Frank says he's going to drive Vicki into town for a steak dinner. Roger walks in. He doesn't seem thrilled to see her. Vicki asks if he heard the news, and he says yes. He asks where his sister is. Vicki apologizes to Roger, who doesn't accept it. He turns and walks out on her.

The sheriff goes through Matthew's letters and asks Liz about his brother in Coldwater. They think that's where he's headed. Roger walks into Matthew's cottage. The sheriff apologizes for Roger's detention. The sheriff leaves, and Liz explains that Matthew was trying to protect the family. Roger tells Liz that Vicki must be discharged for what she did to him. Liz says she will not fire Vicki, explaining that Roger was responsible for his own problems. Roger expresses relief that everything is over. Liz reminds him that Burke is still out there, and vows to destroy him before he destroys them.

Frank and Vicki return from dinner, and he offers to bring her up to Bangor. She says she'll try to arrange it. Liz walks in and Frank asks her if Vicki could have the weekend off. Liz agrees, and then explains that the sheriff is tracking Matthew, and should have him in custody soon. Liz apologizes to Vicki for everything she had gone through. Vicki says she feels bad about Roger, and Liz says she had every reason to believe what she did. Liz explains that since Matthew is miles away from Collinsport, she should sleep well.

We see Matthew wandering outside the old house with his lantern.

Our thoughts

John: Is this the first time Liz drinks some of Roger's booze? She must have really been shaken up by Matthew.

Christine: She kept a cool head while dealing with the madman. It almost didn't work out for her. 

John: For someone who got off without penalty for lying to the sheriff, Roger seems quick to blame everyone around him for his troubles.

Christine: He did seem to forget that he got busted because he was caught digging up concealed evidence. Roger is at his best when he's acting haughty though.

John: If they ever want us to wonder who the mysterious character wandering around the old house is, they probably shouldn't re-use the footage that we know is Matthew. Clearly we haven't seen the last of him. But are his days in Collinwood numbered?

Christine: Add this to the Dark Shadows drinking game. Every time you see Matthew's feet or shadow approaching the Old House, you must imbibe.

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