Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Episode 97 - 11/8/66

The Collins clan is gathered in the drawing room when Vicki enters. Carolyn asks her if she had fun in Bangor. Liz says she knows why Vicki went, and would like to speak to her privately about it. Liz asks if it was necessary for her to drive with Burke. Vicki explains why she did that, and asked if Carolyn had explained it. Liz then asks why she met with her attorneys. Vicki describes the ledger and Betty Hanscombe. Liz denies any knowledge of any similarity between them. She also asks if Burke did something to upset her that caused her to call Roger to come and get her.

Roger explains to Carolyn that if Vicki was interested in Devlin, why would she ask him to come and get her. Carolyn is stubborn. Roger says that while she's his niece, Vicki is not. When Vicki leaves the drawing room, Carolyn asks what happened between her and Burke Devlin. Vicki says she spent more time with an attractive man—Frank Garner. Vicki also points out that Burke said he came to the coffee shop the other day because Carolyn had called him.

Roger asks Liz if Vicki told her anything about her Bangor trip. Liz says she thinks her going with Burke as a coincidence, but she is interested in understanding why she called Roger to come and get her. Roger suggested that Burke might have been too drunk. Liz says Vicki didn't say that to her.

Vicki is heading out, and Carolyn asks if she can drive her, or if she wants company. Carolyn asks if Burke was drunk in Bangor, and that's why she wouldn't let him drive her home. Vicki says no. Carolyn says that what Vicki does reflects on them, and Vicki turns the tables and asks what about what Carolyn does? Carolyn runs upstairs, and Vicki goes for a walk.

Sam Evans sings as he attempts to thread a needle. There's a knock at the door, and it's Victoria Winters. He says Maggie is not there, and she explains she came to see him. She then clarifies that she didn't come to see him either. She came to see one of his paintings—the portrait of Betty Hanscombe. She explains she went to Bangor to find out about a B. Hanscombe who it turns out worked as a butler at Collinwood. Sam digs out the portrait of Betty. Vicki asks if he sees a resemblance. He says it's superficial, but yes. He then gifts her the painting.

Liz tells Roger that Dick Garner called her from Bangor. He said Vicki was asking about Betty Hanscombe. Roger is curious, and Liz says she doesn't mind if his curiosity is aroused, as long as no one else is. Vicki arrives home with the portrait Sam gave her. Liz says she doesn't see a resemblance, and Roger agrees with her. Carolyn comes in, and when she sees the portrait, she asks where she had it done, as it looks exactly like her.

Our thoughts

John: When Roger says they were lucky getting home with him driving, I imagine some 10 year-old corpse rolling over in his grave. And then when he tells Carolyn that perhaps Vicki called because she was interested in him, you could almost imagine his believing that...

Christine: It was pretty amusing when Carolyn speculated that Vicki could become her aunt.

John: You'd think Carolyn would settle down, but she's still treating Vicki horribly due to her jealousy. I hope she gets over it soon, but something tells me if she sees Frank Garner, she'll be jealous of him, too.

Christine: I don't think she'll be jealous of Frank because she'll be all too pleased about having no competition for Burke. Don't expect her to get over her jealousy any time soon. It's soap opera fodder.

John: Gotta love Carolyn for destroying her mother's plan to dismiss the portrait!

Christine: That was pretty awesome! I love the look Vicki gives Liz and Roger after Carolyn says it looks just like her.

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