Monday, November 14, 2016

Episode 101 - 11/14/66

Roger asks Carolyn if she told Vicki he had Burke's pen the night Bill Malloy died. She's too excited about her date with Burke to worry about what she said about a pen. He says she shouldn't be. Roger asks where Vicki is, and Carolyn says she went into town. He asked where she was specifically going, and Carolyn doesn't know. He leaves to find her.

David is drawing something in the foyer when his father comes downstairs. Roger asks if he's seen Vicki. David says he saw her leave in Carolyn's car. He shows his father a picture saying it's what's going to happen to the man who killed Bill Malloy. It's a man hanging. Roger is not impressed. He says they don't hang men in this state anymore, and David says that's too bad. After Roger leaves, David calls for Vicki that she can come out. Vicki appears from behind a closed door. Vicki thanks him, and offers to return the favor. David says she could go to the old house with him to see if they see the ghost of Bill Malloy. She agrees to do that—later, and goes upstairs.

In her room, Carolyn decides what to wear. Vicki brings her car keys, and Carolyn asks for help deciding what to wear on her date. Vicki confirms it's still on, and Carolyn says that while her uncle objected, she's still going through with it. Vicki was surprised Roger didn't stop her. Carolyn said he lost interest in that, and was more interested in where Vicki was. Vicki asks why, and Carolyn said it had something to do with Burke's pen. David stands outside the door, eavesdropping. Vicki confirms that Roger knows they discussed the pen, and she knows that he lost it. Vicki paces nervously, and then she goes to find David.

Roger goes to The Blue Whale and makes a call to Sam Evans. He asks if Vicki is there, and asks him to get in touch if he sees her.

Vicki goes into the drawing room to make a call to Burke. He's not there. She heads upstairs, but there's a knock at the door. It's Maggie Evans. She's returning Vicki's purse, which she left in the coffee shop. Vicki didn't realize she even left it. She explains she's upset because she thinks she has information about how Bill Malloy died. Something that proves his death was not an accident. David sneaks downstairs to listen to the conversation. Maggie is upset that Vicki won't tell her what she knows. Outside the room, Carolyn catches David listening in on them. David runs away. Carolyn leaves them. As she does, Vicki asks Carolyn to have Burke call her.

Maggie says Vicki should come home with her. She confirms her father isn't the one Vicki suspects. As they talk, Roger comes home to hear the two girls talking. Vicki mentions the fountain pen, but not Roger as the suspect. Roger hides as Maggie leaves. Vicki says she's going to lock herself in her room until Mrs. Stoddard returns from seeing Matthew.

Vicki closes the door and Roger grabs her from behind, covering her mouth. He tells her not to cry out, or make a sound.

Our thoughts

John: Backed into a corner, what will Roger do to silence Vicki? Are her days in Collinwood numbered?

Christine: Maybe he'll take a page from David's book and lock her away somewhere.

John: Vicki has planted a seed with Maggie - noting the pen specifically, but that's not enough information on its own. But if anything happens to Vicki and then pen comes up, Carolyn still holds the missing information to piece the puzzle together.

Christine: It did not seem to escape Maggie's notice that Carolyn was stepping out with Burke. Perhaps she'll rush home and ring up Joe. 

John: I can already tell Carolyn is going to be upset when Burke drops everything to call Vicki...

Christine: That's if she gives him the message that Vicki wants him to call her.

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  1. there's an unsettling moment near the end of the episode where Vickie and Maggie are talking near the front door. Check out behind them and you'll see a man appear in the living room. He's just standing there staring at them. It took me a few seconds to realize it was just a stage hand.