Thursday, November 17, 2016

Episode 104 - 11/17/66

Vicki joins Liz in the drawing room. She explains how someone tried to get into her room last night. Liz says she'll have Matthew put another lock on her door. Liz asks if Roger checked the door to the closed off portion of the house last night, and then goes to see. Vicki calls the Collinsport Inn to reach Burke, but remembers he was going to Bangor.

She then calls Sam Evans to speak to Maggie, returning her call. He says she's not there. Sam says he asked Maggie to call Vicki. He tells her he wants to tell her something about the Hanscombe portrait, and arranges for her to meet him at The Blue Whale tonight. She also asks him to tell Maggie she found out more information about what they had discussed previously.

Liz comes downstairs and tells Vicki the door to the closed off section of the house was still locked, so the intruder hadn't escaped that way. She then calls the cannery to reach Roger, who isn't there, and asked him to call her immediately.

Roger returns to Collinwood and Liz asks why he hadn't called her, She asks why Roger didn't speak to her in the morning about Vicki's experience. Roger describes Vicki as having an overactive imagination. Roger also tells Liz that Vicki thinks she has a vital clue as to who murdered Bill Malloy. Just then, Matthew comes in to tell Mrs. Stoddard that he installed a bolt on Vicki's door. Roger once again suggests that Vicki should leave Collinwood for her own safety. Roger asks where she is and Liz says she's left. Roger leaves to see if he can find her.

Vicki meets Sam at The Blue Whale. He admits he used her interest in Hanscombe to get her to meet him. He wants to talk with her about what she discussed with Maggie. He said Maggie told him that she had proof that Bill Malloy was murdered. Vicki doesn't want to discuss it with him. Sam also said that he understands she could connect Bill's death with the accident 10 years go. He demands that she tell him what she told Burke. She refuses to. He offers to drive her back to Collinwood, but she chooses to walk.

While walking back to Collinwood, a car comes around the corner right at her.

In Collinwood, there's a frantic knocking at the door. Liz lets Vicki in, who describes a car that tried to run her down on her way back to the house. She asks Liz who would want to kill her. Liz asks if she could recognize the car and she says no, the lights were too bright. Liz says it's too bad Roger didn't find her, and Vicki says that maybe he did. Liz leaves to get something to calm her down, and Vicki calls Burke and tells him she was almost run down. It sounds like Burke is on his way to Collinwood.

Liz brings her some drugs to take, and Vicki hesitates. She doesn't want to take them, but she ultimately does. Liz sends her upstairs to lie down.

Our thoughts

John: Roger gets to dust off his old, "Vicki would be safer if she left Collinwood" plan. Liz seems to be warming up to the notion, while surprisingly not just dismissing Vicki's claims.

Christine: You'd think with such a small staff and only family at Collinwood it would be easy to track down who might be responsible for trying to break into Vicki's room.

John: Sam Evans' behavior sure should have raised Vicki's suspicion of him. I can't figure out what the possible upside was—that maybe she could link him to the death and/or accident?

Christine: His involvement in the matter Bill Malloy called the meeting to address before his untimely demise has still not been resolved.

John: Okay, Roger once again is the number one suspect in the attempted run-down of Vicki. But let's think outside of the box for a second. 1) It could have been Burke, on his way back from Bangor, hoping Vicki would think it was Roger attempting to kill her. By the time she got back to Collinwood on foot, he could easily get to the Inn to be there to take her call. Of course that leaves us with the only other possible option, 2) jealous Carolyn trying to take out her only competition in town. Does anyone else even have a car? Certainly not David or Mrs/ Johnson. The sheriff is probably safe to cross off the list. I guess Matthew also has access to a car. Hmmmm.

Christine: You neglected to mention the most important thing about this episode...a fancy new slate! Also, it appears that the cast got a week off from 11/7-11/11.

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