Friday, November 11, 2016

Episode 100 - 11/11/66

Carolyn explains how her uncle Roger lost Burke's pen the night that Bill Malloy died. Vicki is noticeably upset. She changes her tune about Burke, saying that perhaps she  overreacted when saying that Burke was dangerous. David is listening in as Vicki suggests Carolyn's family may not be happy with her going out with Burke. David interrupts them to say he's going to tell his father that she's going to see Burke. He doesn't think she should be able to if he can't. David tells her that his father will stop her. Vicki asks if she can borrow her car, and Carolyn says she can, as long as she gets in back in time for her date with Burke.

Vicki drives to Collinsport to see Burke. She tells him that Roger was lying, and she thinks he murdered Bill Malloy. Burke wants to know how Roger was at Lookout Point that night, and Vicki says she found the pen. Burke now understands why Vicki didn't ride back from Bangor with him. Burke says they'll go tell the sheriff, and asks her for the pen. She explains that it's lost, and he asks if Roger knows she had it. When she says yes, Burke assumes that Roger may have destroyed it. Burke is concerned that without the pen, he won't have sufficient evidence for the sheriff.

Roger arrives home and David asks him what is the worst thing anyone could do to him? David says he's not making secret plans with Burke like Carolyn is. Roger goes upstairs to speak with her.

Burke asks Vicki if Carolyn has any idea what she told her. Vicki says Carolyn doesn't know that she found the pen at Lookout Point. Vicki says that her memory of what the pen looked like wouldn't be enough for the sheriff. She then says she doesn't know for sure that Roger killed Bill Malloy. Burke agrees that the sheriff wouldn't believe Roger killed Bill Malloy if he saw him do it with a butcher knife on main street. He says they need to search for additional evidence. Vicki agrees to help.

Roger forbids Carolyn from seeing Burke, and she says he can't stop her. She says Vicki said the same, and felt he was dangerous until she found out Burke had given her the pen. Roger asks if he told her about what happened to the pen, and Carolyn says only that he lost it.

Our thoughts

John: It seems to me that the pen evidence precludes the need to finalize the timeline of Bill's murder. If the pen that Roger had ended up at Lookout Point, it got there sometime between Roger leaving the house and when he later met Burke at his office. Surely if Roger was confronted with the information about the pen in front of the sheriff, he would break. Provided he didn't have time to prepare an explanation in advance, of course.

Christine: The pen doesn't really prove a whole lot. It could be that Roger was walking at Lookout Point on the way to the meeting before Malloy met his doom there. Still, it doesn't look good, and the fact that he tampered with evidence does not speak well for him.

John: Vicki arrives at Burke's room and tells him Roger killed Bill Malloy. Minutes later, she's saying she's not sure. Come on, Vicki!

Christine: She was convinced that Burke was guilty a few episodes ago, so she should be second guessing herself at this point.

John: So much for Roger not finding out that Vicki knows he had and lost the pen on the night Bill Malloy died. Next week should prove to be an interesting one!

Christine: He'll wish he had gotten rid of her at the old shack during the storm while he had the chance. By the way, Happy Episode 100! Only 11 more 100s to go!

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