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Episode 103 - 11/16/66

Roger walks upstairs and knocks on Vicki's door. He comes in and sees that she's not there. He wanders through the house calling for her. He goes outside and calls for her.

Vicki arrives at The Blue Whale and meets Burke. She tells him that Roger told her he scheduled a meeting with Bill Malloy on the night of Bill's death, only to go to the meeting and finding Bill dead. Burke doesn't believe it, but admits that without evidence there's not much they can do. He comes up with an idea ad tells Vicki he's going to make a quick trip to Bangor. He offers to drive her back as far as the gate.

Sam Evans arrives at The Blue Whale and meets Maggie. The bartender brings him a drink before he has a chance to order one. Maggie tells him that Vicki says she has proof that Bill Malloy was murdered. She said she was going to share the info with Burke Devlin. She asks if the letter she put in the safe was still important? He says it is, but that it's just a life insurance policy. Maggie also said that Malloy's murder was tied in with the accident 10 years ago, and asks her father if it involves him.

Roger calls Burke's room at the Inn, and is told he isn't in.

Sam asks Maggie to call Vicki to see if she has proof that Roger killed Bill Malloy. She explains that she already tried, and that it's too late to call, but he insists. Maggie calls and Roger answers. She asks to speak with Vicki. He explains that she's not home, and that he had tried calling her house looking for Vicki. She returns to the table and her father is gone.

Vicki sneaks back in to Collinwood, and on her way upstairs Roger startles her. He explains that he was worried about her. She explained that she went for a walk. She went to Maggie's house to talk about the portrait of the Hanscombe girl. He says he was going to suggest she call Maggie just for that purpose. After she goes upstairs, he takes a drink and says, "pleasant dreams, Miss Winters."

Vicki locks her door and gets into bed.

Roger calls The Blue Whale and asks for Sam Evans. He then asks if there was anyone else there with he and his daughter.

Vicki's door opens, and she screams. It closes quickly. Roger calls to her and she says he can come in. She explains that someone opened the door. He says that the door was unlocked, and she says she had locked it. He says that she might have been so sleepy after her long walk that she forgot to lock it. He says she can call to him if she hears anything else in the night. As he leaves, he tells her Maggie Evans called, and that she was with her father all night, He suggests she call her back in the morning and get their stories straight.

Our thoughts

John: So is Burke going to grab Blair's pen, and plant it on Roger? That could prove to be interesting.

Christine: He seems to have some plan in mind to force Roger's hand.

John: I can never figure out what Sam Evans is thinking. Did he really want Maggie to find out what Vicki knew, or did he just want an opportunity to slip out of The Blue Whale?

Christine: I believe he is thinking about drinking mostly and occasionally about painting or attempting prose. I hope Maggie will think about busting out that letter soon.

John: As soon as Maggie called Collinwood looking for Vicki, it was clear that when she got back, she was going to say she was with Maggie. And after his stunt outside the door when Vicki was locked in the closed off portion of the house, who else could picture Roger being the one who unlocked her bedroom door... though in this case, I think it may have actually been someone else.

Christine: Perhaps it was Josette Collins? David? Elizabeth? Where is Liz anyway? Has she been snoozing in bed all this time? I would just like to say that I admire Louis Edmonds more each day.

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