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Episode 111 - 11/28/66

Matthew tells Vicki he shouldn't have told her he killed Malloy. She promises she won't tell. He says he might believe that if she were dead. She says they'll find her body and know it was him. He said he never killed anyone deliberately before. He explains that Bill's death was an accident. Bill was causing trouble for the family, and he tried to tell him to leave them alone. After a struggle, Bill fell to his death. Victoria says she believes it was an accident, and the sheriff will, too. She explains that if he kills her, he'll be guilty of murder.

Frank and Liz are concerned about Vicki as they wait in the drawing room. The sheriff returns to use the phone to call in more men to help in the search. Liz describes the houses on the ground; the house, the old house and the caretaker's cottage. She says there's no point checking any of those as they already checked them.

Vicki tells Matthew that the sheriff will figure it out if he kills her. He says he has to keep her quiet. Matthew describes how he tried to scare her by coming into her room, and then again on the road. He thought it would be enough to scare her off. She says he had chances to murder her and he did not. Not even when he pushed the stone from the top of the old house. Matthew says he doesn't have any choice but to kill her. Vicki begins to cry.

Liz says she's worried that Vicki could have stumbled into one of the caves under the cliffs. She says that only Matthew knows the property like the back of his hand. She says it's odd she hasn't heard from Matthew since she asked him to look for Vicki. She decides to call him.

Matthew's phone rings, and he says he won't answer it because it could only be Mrs. Stoddard. Vicki watches as the phone stops ringing.

A few minutes past eight, Frank says he's sure Vicki's in real danger. He thinks that the same person who tried to kill her may have her. He asks Liz who stood to benefit from Bill's death. Frank asks if he was on the best of terms with the Collins family. She said before he died, he said he had to do something she wouldn't like. Frank asks if Malloy found out something about Roger's manslaughter case. Liz explains that Roger is with the police. Frank said that so is Sam Evans, so it can't be him either. Frank asks if there's anyone who would want to protect Liz and the family from scandal.

Matthew takes a chair and sits across from Vicki. He says he's trying to think of the best way to kill her. He says he was lying when he said he hadn't killed before. He said he killed a dog to put him out of his misery by breaking his neck. He said it was a peaceful death, it didn't suffer. He says she won't suffer, either. She says she'll fight him, and she screams. Liz walks in calls Matthew's name. Vicki screams that Matthew killed Bill Malloy, and that he's going to kill her next.

Our thoughts

John: Vicki could assume that they were looking for her, so why didn't she bother screaming as soon as she figured out Matthew was determined to kill her?

Christine: As Liz says to Frank, "Have you any idea of the size of this property?" It's likely nobody would have heard her unless they happened to be searching close to the cottage. She also may have thought that startling the madman with screams may have forced his hand and removed any possibility of escape.

John: Frank is pretty smart. In mere minutes, he figures out (without knowing) who was threatening Vicki.

Christine: It's not like there is a long list of suspects, so I don't know that it's saying much that he was able to figure out something that should have been evident to everyone.

John: How are today's events going to impact Liz and Matthew's relationship? Will he get a pass for attempting to kill Vicki like David?

Christine: He's not a Collins, so I think not, though he probably won't stick around to find out.

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