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Episode 105 - 11/18/66

Burke stops in to see the sheriff, who happens to be reviewing Bill Malloy's autopsy report. Burke is surprised to hear that the case is not yet closed. Burke tells him that Vicki Winters has concrete evidence to offer, and that half an hour ago someone tried to kill her. The sheriff asked who, and Burke says he knows who. He then describes Vicki's experience the night before, and implicate Roger as the one who broke into her room.

Roger arrives home, and Liz asks where he was. She asks if he ran into Vicki—almost figuratively. Roger says he wonders where Sam Evans was this evening.

The sheriff says Burke is willing to believe anything bad about Roger. Burke also mentions the near accident tonight, and suggests Roger was responsible. Burke asks the sheriff to play along, as he's expecting to produce the necessary evidence to prove Roger's guilt.

Liz asks why Roger would ask about Sam Evans. He brings up the portrait he gifted her. She tells him he's wrong. Sam Evans couldn't have been the one who tried to get into her room. Roger suggests no one tried to get in, but Liz believes her. She reminds him of the ghost of Bill Malloy, and of the seaweed they found. They hear a call, and she sees it's the sheriff. She asks Roger to open the door, but he stares at it from across the room as they knock.

He opens the door to the sheriff, and Burke steps forward to join him. They adjourn to the drawing room, and Roger offers him a drink. Burke asks to see Vicki. Liz says she sent her to bed with a sedative because she was hysterical. Roger says it's all nonsense. He explains that Vicki sees ghosts. Burke asks about the pen she found. He tells the story of the pen he gave Carolyn. He says that Roger took it, and somehow lost it before he got to the meeting the night Bill died, only to be found by Vicki where Bill was murdered. Roger admits to losing the pen. He says someone may have found it, and then lost it before it was found by Vicki. Roger suggests Bill may have found it, and dropped it before he slipped and fell from the cliff.

Burke asks if Roger admits to telling Vicki that he went to meet Bill and then found his dead body. Roger again says that Vicki imagined it all. Roger asks to see the pen. Burke says that he knows that's a safe question, because he stole it from Vicki. Roger suggests that Burke produce a pen that Carolyn and Vicki can identify. Burke pulls a pen from his pocket and brandishes it in front of Roger. Roger asks where he got it. He says it couldn't be. He says it resembles it, but he can't be sure. Roger says the resemblance was purely superficial. The sheriff requests that Carolyn and Vicki come to his office to see if they can identify the pen. Roger says there must be thousands of those pens, and Burke explains there's only one in the country. The sheriff and Burke leave, with Burke offering Roger pleasant dreams.

Liz asks Roger if he'd care to explain, and he says he wouldn't. She asks why he didn't tell her about the pen. She tells him that she's going to have questions for Carolyn and Vicki in the morning before they go to the sheriff's office. Roger leaves.

Roger finds his way to where he buried the pen. He lifts the rock and digs in the sand. He scrambles before finding it. He has a look of relief until he hears Burke say, "Thanks Roger, you saved us a good deal of trouble." He stands up to see Burke and the Sheriff looking over him.

Our thoughts

John: Perhaps the most exciting surprise ending to a week since the show started! How can Roger possibly weasel his way out of this mess now, with the sheriff and Burke catching him in the act of digging up his buried treasure.

Christine: Caught red handed! Liz may have to leave Collinwood to visit him in jail.

John: I was almost sure that Burke was going to use Blair's pen to fabricate evidence against Roger, so I must admit I was pleasantly surprised he did so with the sheriff's advance knowledge.

Christine: I was surprised that the sheriff was game even before hearing Burke's plan. Burke must have told him the plan in the cruiser on the way to Collinwood.

John: I sure hope David was able to watch today's events unfold in his crystal ball! He wouldn't want to miss it. Can't wait to see where next week takes us. We're halfway to the arrival of Barnabas Collins, and the show has proven to be far more entertaining than I had ever expected going in to these early episodes.

Christine: Yes, it's too bad that the early episodes weren't initially released, causing fans to think they weren't worthwhile or entertaining. It is interesting to learn the history of the characters and see the evolution of the show.

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