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Dark Shadows Episode 927 1/13/70

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In the secret passages of Collinwood, Philip finds a door and asks if Maggie is inside. He opens the door.

Inside, Maggie raises a candlestick, ready to strike—and swings.

Maggie kneels over Philip's unconscious body, saying she didn't mean it.

Michael exits a secret panel and runs into Julia in the drawing room. She asks how he got in there, and he tells her that David showed her all the secret panels. She asks if David showed him the secret panel in Maggie's room. Michael doesn't answer, and says the secret panels are neat. When pressed, he admits to knowing about the one in Maggie's room. She asks if he knows anything about Maggie's disappearance.

Just then, Maggie rushes in and says she's been in a nightmare. While Julia is distracted, Michael sneaks out of the room. Maggie tells Julia that she spent the night in a maze under the house. She says she was lured there, trapped in a room, and someone was trying to kill her.

She says she thinks it was David's friend. Julia said she suspected him. Maggie explains that she was wrong. She says it was Philip, and she'll never know why because she killed him. Maggie takes Julia to him. Michael hears this and smiles.

Maggie brings Julia to Philip's body.

Megan is straightening up in the antique store when Michael returns. He says she didn't do what she was supposed to do. She says there were reasons, and he tells her the only thing that matters is what he wants. She says that he's dear to her, but she has loved Philip for a long time. Michael tells her that's all over now.  He tells her he wants her to take him to get a new sweater. She asks what he means about it being over. He tells her that they don't have to worry about Philip any more, because he is dead. She says he can't be, and Michael says he deserved to die. She asks if he did it, and he tells her that he had it done. She gather her things and says she's going to Collinwood. Michael throws a tantrum in the shop after she leaves.

Megan arrives at Collinwood, crying and asking to see Philip. Julia consoles her.

Someone enters the antique shop and without looking up, Michael says the shop is closed. Philip asks him how he could have done it. Michael is surprised, and says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Philip asks about his tormenting Maggie, and trying to get her to kill him. Philip says he might have gotten away with it if she had been stronger. Philip says he's going to take care of him. Michael says he can't touch him, because he knows who he is. Philip says he's just a little boy in the house, and Michael says he's not just a boy everywhere in the house.

Philip grabs him so he can't make it to his room, and Megan returns and tells him to let Michael go. She says she'll do what has to be done. Michael runs to her and she comforts him. She sends him up to her room. Michael runs upstairs and Philip asks if she knows what he did to him, and also to Maggie. Megan says Philip shouldn't expect Michael to behave like other children. She reminds him that a little while ago, he was lying in a cradle. She says the time of the Leviathan people is close. She says her way is the Leviathan way, and she will tell him, and Michael, how it must be.

Michael is in Megan's room, pleased that she took his side. He writes his name on the mirror. He's not happy that she was nice to Philip, and thinks she won't be when he's finished with her. She comes in and asks if she cares what he did to Maggie. She says she doesn't. She explains that it's not his time yet, so for his own good... He says he doesn't want to hear it. She says he has to accept it.

Maggie comes to the antique shop and tells Philip she's glad he's not hurt to badly. She apologizes, and says she hadn't been thinking clearly. He tells her that he could have been responsible, since she doesn't really know him. He explains that Michael has been angry at the world after the death of his parents. Maggie says she had no idea.

Michael tells Megan she can't do it to him. He pleads with her, saying she's the only one who loves him, and that he loves. He tells her he wants to run away with her. She says they can't run away together. Michael tells her that she doesn't love him. He says if she does it, he won't love her anymore.

Megan reminds him that he loves Carolyn, and tells him to think about her. He draws a heart around his name on the mirror, and writes Carolyn's name in it. Megan says that proves it, and that there's no choice anymore—it must be done.

Maggie thanks Philip for understanding when Megan runs downstairs and says something terrible has happened to Michael. She calls Julia and tells her he's unconscious. Julia tells her she's on her way. As Philip consoles Megan, Maggie leaves.

Michael tosses and turns. Julie asks Megan what happened. She says he wasn't looking well, so she asked him to lie down in her bedroom. Julia says his vitals are weak, and she calls to arrange for an ambulance. Megan tells Michael it's what's best, and then he passes out. Julia checks his pulse and finds none. She prepares to give him a shot to try and revive him.

Our thoughts

John: Do you think Philip had a metal plate in his head? It sounded like it when Maggie struck him with the candlestick. Whatever the case, it was a good thing she didn't actually kill him.

Christine: She certainly rung his bell! I'm surprised he only got a tiny eyeshadow colored bruise to show for such a cacophonous blow.

John: How exactly did Megan know that Philip was dead at Collinwood? Couldn't Michael have had him killed anywhere in town?

Christine: She must have been listening in on Philip's conversation with Barnabas in yesterday's episode, or she could have assumed that since Philip suspected the kid was up to no good at Collinwood, that that's where she would find his corpse. Incidentally, there's a new afghan in town. The one on Michael's bed has appeared on the show before (Jeff Clark's bed in 602, Chris Jenning's bed in 651), but not as often as the favored multicolored afghan.

John: Michael is annoying because the child actor portraying him is doing such an effective job. I can't imagine not hating that evil kid. Megan, on the other hand, is just annoying. I hope that we'll find Michael has plans for her, because I won't miss her when she's gone...

Christine:  It wouldn't be a soap opera if there weren't some annoying characters on hand to keep you from getting bored. Both Leviathan kids have done a fine job acting like evil little brats. We can only hope the adult Leviathan progeny can live up to the creepiness and nastiness his predecessors established.

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