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Dark Shadows Episode 708 - 3/12/69

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Barnabas arrives at Collinwood, telling Edward he came as soon as he got his message.

Edith's body lies in in an open coffin in Edward's study. Edward brings Barnabas in and tells him that she died without telling him the family secret. He says that in the absence of the eldest son's presence, he thinks that she told Barnabas. He asks Barnabas to tell him the secret of the mausoleum. Barnabas asks why he thinks she would confide in him. Edward says a gypsy told them that someone else knows. Edward says that Carl was with the gypsy when his grandmother died. She said that their grandmother didn't tell Edward, but someone else living knows the secret. Barnabas says he can't believe Edward would give credence to the gypsy woman. Edward is upset that he didn't get back to the house sooner.

Evan Hanley arrives at Collinwood and offers Quentin his condolences. Quentin says that he loathed his grandmother because she knew about him. Evan says she knows nothing about him, and Quentin says he'll remind him at their next meeting. Evan asks him to not bring that up. Quentin asks if Evan knows about the will. Quentin says that if he got hold of the will, it could be changed, and 10% of his inheritance could be his. Evan says Judith will be bringing him a letter that will direct him to the will, and there will be no time to change it. Quentin ups his offer to 25%. Quentin threatens to blackmail Evan. He reminds Quentin that he knows just as much about him, and Quentin tells him that people expect him to be bad. Evan offers to help if Quentin can get the will. He tells Evan to give him an hour. He leaves, and Edward and Barnabas enter.

Edward introduces Barnabas to Evan, who then goes in with Edward to pay his respects to Edith. At the top of the stairs, Jamison laughs and says that she hated Evan, thinking that he was a shyster. Jamison tells Barnabas that he does look like his portrait. Jamison asks if Barnabas saw his grandmother, and adds that he hasn't seen a dead person before. He says he'll go in with Quentin, as he's not scared when he's with him. Barnabas asks if he's fond of Quentin. He says he is, and then says Barnabas is like all the rest who don't like Quentin, so he doesn't like Barnabas either. He storms off.

Magda returns to the old house. Quentin grabs her by the throat and demands that she tell him where the will is. She says she'll tell him if he lets her go, and he does. She then says she'll do it for $5. He asks if that's all she thinks her life is worth, and she tells him that it was a joke, because she knows he doesn't have that much. He pulls out a twenty and gives it to her. He demands to know where the will is.

She says she doesn't care, because her friend is dead and Judith won't even let her see her body. Magda tells him it's in the lining of her casket. She adds that Edith said they had to look at her body in order to find the will. Quentin says she knows what's in the will. She says she didn't write it. He asks if she told her, and she says perhaps. Quentin picks up a knife and threatens her with it. She tells him that he gets nothing in the will. He accuses her of lying. She says Edith told her that even if she gave him something, he'd have nothing within a year. She says the will is in the lining facing her right hand. Quentin leaves, but she stops him. She says he has to give her money to keep her quiet.

Barnabas hears this exchange, and after Quentin leaves sees Magda curse Quentin. He approaches her and tells her that she has a new friend. She says Quentin was an old enemy. Barnabas asks if she told him that someone knew the secret.

Edward tells Jamison that he must view his great grandmother. He then tells Evan that the will must be read. And he tells Jamison to prepare himself for going into the room. Edward and Evan leave, and Quentin knocks on the window.

Jamison lets him in, and Quentin pretends to be a beggar. He playacts with Jamison, and then asks what he's upset about. Jamison says Edward told him he has to go look at Edith. He says he'll go if Quentin goes with him. Quentin asks if he asked Jamison to go to sea with him. He says he had to go alone to grow up. He asks Jamison why he's afraid. He says that he thinks great grandmother will get up out of her coffin. Quentin says he'll wait outside, listening, and come in at the slightest sound. Quentin says he dreamed that Jamison would bring him a message for him hidden in the coffin lining, next to his great grandmother's right hand. He sends Jamison into the study to get the message for him.

Evan tells Edward that they must wait for Carl. They come downstairs and Edward says he supposes he'll want Quentin's permission, too.

Jamison goes into the room with his great grandmother's body. He finds a letter in the left side lining of the coffin.

Barnabas walks in as Edward and Quentin discuss the will. Quentin asks if Edward will try to break the will if he is disinherited. Quentin says it's inhuman to get the will now.

Jamison hears them and hides in the study. Edward enters the study and searches the coffin lining for the will.

Evan attempts to stop Quentin from speaking, but he tells him that he doesn't care what his cousin thinks. Edward comes in and says the will isn't where it's supposed to be. He says they shall find it, and goes upstairs to speak to Judith. Barnabas tells Quentin that he can stop it, because he has the will, and he just has to decide how to give it back. He threatens to do something drastic if he doesn't.

Our thoughts

John: Ah, the challenging life of a soap-opera star. Today, you'll just lie dead in your open coffin. Try not to move when folks come in to search the lining for your will!

Christine: So, Evan Hanley and Quentin attend meetings together. I wonder if they share an interest in the occult. Can't wait to find out what naughty, no-good things they may be up to together. I wonder how his odd big buddy playmate relationship with Jamison would change if he were to find out his favorite uncle dabbles in the black arts.

John: Magda mentioned the will was in the coffin lining facing Edith's right hand. Quentin tells Jamison the same. And yet Jamison finds a will in the lining on her left side. Perhaps she actually meant the side her right hand would be pointing to, but based on the way it was described, you'd think Edward, at the very least, would have tried both sides since he didn't find it where he originally expected it to be.

Christine: I also expected it to be on the right side, but thought it was funny that her finger was pointing to where they could find it. I guess she really did expect her death to be imminent to have her coffin ready to go on site with the will stashed away inside ahead of time.

John: What could Barnabas' threat mean? Will he put the bite on Quentin? I'm curious if Magda's spit-curse was just an insult thrown at him, or if it will lead to lycanthropy...

Christine: I expect he will have to follow through on his threat in order to move Quentin, and do hope that it may involve sharing the secret with him. I don't think the thumb bite will lead to any full moon disturbances, so don't count your werewolves just yet.

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