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Episode 191 - 3/20/67

Fire surrounds David. His mother tells him there's nothing to be afraid of.

Vicki is getting messages from Josette.

David is worried that the fire is spreading and she tells him not to worry.  She tells him to stare deeply into the flames. She says the fire wants to embrace him, like she does. She tells him that fire gives eternal life.

Vicki asks Josette about the fire. And the house by the sea. She determines it's the fishing shack.

Carolyn visits her mother, who remains non-responsive. The doctor explains there's no brain damage, and Liz' condition hasn't deteriorated, so they just need to be patient. He tells her that perhaps there will be a change tomorrow. He leaves, and Liz opens her eyes. Carolyn asks her to speak to her, and then gets the doctor. He says he thinks she's coming out of it. He blinds her with a bright light, and is pleased with this turn of events. she's moving but not speaking. Carolyn suggests that something is frightening her.

Laura tells David it's almost time for him to come to her. She asks him if he's afraid of death, and he says he doesn't know. She says once she puts her arms around him, nothing can hurt her. She asks him to tell her the legend of the Phoenix. He says he's very hot, and she says the legend will show him that death is not to be feared. He recites the legend, and she tells him to come closer. Vicki arrives and pounds at the door, calling for David to open it. She can see the fire inside and tells David to get out. Laura says the fire will consume her and David. That's why she's there David resumes the legend. Vicki screams at him from just outside the window where he stands. She calls her Mrs. Collins, and Laura clarifies she's Laura Murdoch. She tells Vicki that David can't hear her. Laura says she's going to give David eternal life, and tells Vicki to go away.

Liz tosses in her hospital bed. She struggles to say David, and bolts up screaming his name, and "fire."

Vicki tells David not to finish the story of the Phoenix. She reaches for him through the window.

Liz says she can see David surrounded by fire. Carolyn doesn't know what to do. Liz continues to call David's name.

David seems to hear his aunt, and then pauses before resuming the Phoenix legend. Vicki calls to David.

Liz calls to David from her hospital bed.

Laura tells David it's time to go, and asks him to come to her. Vicki calls for David to come to her. Laura tells him to come before it's too late. The building starts to collapse. Vicki tells him not to listen to her, and asks him to come to her. Laura pleads with him to join her. Vicki tells him not to move, and Laura says it's too late, screaming the Phoenix is reborn before disappearing. David opens the door and runs into Vicki's arms.

Our thoughts

John: Really, Vicki? Is it that hard to come up with the fishing shack as the location by the sea? If I were Josette, I'd be pretty frustrated.

Christine: They really stretched this episode to the limit.

John: Liz is back, sooner than I was expecting. I thought Laura would have to be reborn before the spell would wear off. Of course, did David hear Liz because she's got some sort of supernatural gift, too?

Christine: I think he heard Liz because she screamed loud enough for him to hear her all the way from her hospital bed. It's good to have Liz back. We last saw her in Episode 160.

John: The long awaited conclusion of the Phoenix saga finally arrived. It basically came down to a three-way shouting match between Vicki, Laura and Liz. Where the hell were Burke and Joe with all the screaming going on... not to mention the fire.

Christine: Maybe they thought it was the wailing widows. Some help they were! It was a fantastic conclusion, but not without its minor endearing imperfections.

Diana Millay checks the teleprompter to make sure she doesn't have more to say than, "Embrace me, David."

David Henesy checks the teleprompter to remember the rest of the phoenix legend.

Whoops! Someone had the flames going the wrong way. Still, it makes for a creepy effect.

The scream of the phoenix set the standard for Dark Shadows' screams to come.
The phoenix is reborn!

I am phoenix, the great and powerful!

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